Make Up

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(Jason's POV)

I sat on the Dux 818 in the guest room doing some work on my MacBook Pro. Alison was right the meeting could have gone alot better had I been more focus going in, but my mind was somewhere else.

I haven't spoken to Tiana all day. I know she was spending the day with the ladies, but surely she could have called me, or is it that she.knew Alison was going to give me hell for coming in late and she didn't want to give her another reason to be upset with me. Anyways I'll see her tomorrow. I don't know how long she'll be here before she have to return to France, so I want to spend as much time I possibly can with her before we have to part ways again. Again.

Anyways let me resume my work.

An hour later as I was wrapping up my work for the night I get a knock on the bedroom door.

"Come in" I answered closing my MacBook and laying it on the night stand.

When the door opened in walked Alison in her silk gown with her messy updo and two glasses of wine. I don't what she want, but if it's another argument I'm going to have to say goodnight to that. I don't have the energy tonight.

"Listen Ali if you're coming in here to argue with me I-"

"No. I brought wine" she said holding both glasses up. "A piece offering to make up for how I've been treating you the past couple of days"

To say surprise is an understatement. I'm usually the one apologizing. She hands me a glass and crawls in bed beside me and takes a sip from her glass- I did as well. When she finishes she.sets the glass on the night stand left of her and then looked at me. For a moment she thought as if she was searching for the words.

"Okay, look" she then started. " first I want to say sorry. I shouldn't have never yelled at you for staying out all night, and I want you to know it has nothing to do with Tiana-"

"Alison I-"

"Jason just let me finish. I absolutely adore her. She's a sweet woman and you are lucky enough to have her as friend. It's just that, you know I'm a perfectionist. I like everything to be perfect that includes your work your appearance my appearance just everything on ten."

"Alison" I finally intervene. She was talking a mile a minute when she already had me at sorry. "It's okay. I forgive you"

"You do" she said disbelief.

"Yes" I chuckled before pulling her in and giving her a kiss. When I eased away from her I asked, "you want to sleep in here with me tonight?"

She smiled and nodded, "yes"

I then switched off the light of the lamp and laid down. Alison snuggled up to me and together we fell asleep.

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