Reunion Part 2

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(Tiana POV)

I had stayed at my parents that day. Tomorrow I would visit my friends.

The following day:

I decided to surprise my friends in Anaheim, California. Together, the ladies decided to move to the same city together. I hope to surprise them in their separate homes.

I decided to visit Maya first. Ms. Lambert at her home off of Cherry Tree Ln.

Maya and I was the first to become friends freshman year in College, when we shared a dorm room. Her and Catalina was already friends when I got there. We've became friends with Layla second semester. We met her at a frat party when she was abandoned by her so call "friends" and left in a drunken stupor. Everybody had cleared out except for me Catalina and Maya, who was looking for her cellphone.We found Layla passed out behind a couch on the second floor. Maya and I had brought her back to our dorm that night. That's how we all became friends, and remained friends to this day.

Almost instantly, when I approached Maya's home, the door swung open and out jumped Layla into my arms.

"AAAAAAAH!!!!!" Layla screamed squeezing me tightly.

How did she even knew I was here: perhaps she heard my car pull up in Maya's circular driveway. I looked at her and asked, "how did you know I was coming Ms. Birch, did my mom told you."

"I guess it's best friend radar. HEY YOU GUYS GUESS WHO'S HERE!"

"Are the rest of the girls here?" I asked. Layla nodded. Soon after Maya and Catalina saw me. At that point we all screamed, while jumping up and down and exchanging hugs and compliments

"God you guys look beautiful."

"Us. Look at you, money all over fashion at its highest. You look gorgeous" Maya responded, circling me.

"Thank you, thank you. I do try, every now and then at least" I joked flipping my hair over my shoulder.

*All Laughs

"So what's been going on ladies?" I said walking over to the couch, laying my purse on the table and sitting down and crossing my legs.

"Any significant others, babies etcetera, etcetera."

The ladies walk over to me and sit down. From there, they started telling me all that's been going on in their life. While I sit there and listened the ladies was telling me everything under the moon, however they failed to mention the most important thing I wanted to know about.

I cut them off. "So has anybody heard from Jason. How is he? What's he been up to" At that moment everybody got quiet. Nothing but silence. Oh don't stop now you all was talking about everything, everyone and their mother, but you all couldn't tell me about my bestfriend. *Thought

"What. What's wrong? Oh my gosh is Jason alright?!"

I was becoming very worried. I hadn't spoken to Jason in six years, so I don't know anything. Maya cut me off.

"Don't worry. Jason is fine"

*Exhale. Oh thank God.

"So why the silence?" I asked. Layla looked down as if she was witholding. "Layla?"

"It's fine. It's just-"

"Just what? What are you not telling me? Catalina. Maya. Somebody had better tell me something..."

"You know why don't we just call him. Tell him to come over" Layla started, retrieving her Cellphone from her pocket.

"How about, no. Tell me what is going on."

"He'll be surprised, and happy to see you" Layla continued, as if I hadn't said anything.

"Yea. Call him. Tell him it's urgent" Maya responded.

"Tell me something"

I was getting extremely pissed. The ladies were Dodging my every sentence l. What was they not telling me anything. We've never kept secrets from each other, not one, and we're sure not about start now.

"He'll come Driving straight over"

"Enough?!" I exclaimed. "Tell me now, or God so help me I'm walking out this door and I'm never speaking to you all again."

Yes. I gave them the ultimatum, secrets or me. I looked at the ladies with much intensity. They have five seconds to tell me whatever it is, their keeping from me or I'm out this door. Everyone quieted down. I then started the count down.







"2......1. Have a nice life ladies " I grabbed my purse and headed for the door. Upon reaching it Maya suddenly stopped me and gave in.

"Alright!" She exclaimed. I then, slowly turned around, walked back over to the couch and sat down.

"It's a shame I had to give y'all the ultimatum For you all to talk."

The ladies lowered their heads

"So what is it"

Maya cleared her throat. "Well I was hoping he be the one to tell you this, but...ummm...well-"

"Jason is engaged" Layla blurted out.

"Lo siento, mama"

At that moment, my heart just dropped. Jason, engaged to be married? I could not believe it. Never in a million years did I thought Jason would propose to any other woman. I couldn't wrap my head around it. Maya took my hands. I took she noticed how devastated I was. I turned my head.

"Tiana, sweetie are you alright?"

I didn't answered. Still trying to wrap my head around this.

"I knew we shouldn't have told you. Should of just let Jason told you. I'm sorry"

"No..." I finally looked back at Maya, and said, "I'm glad you told me... I want to see him. Layla can you call him over. Don't tell him why just-"

"Yeah, of course hun..." she dialed his number. And had put it on speaker phone.

"Hello..." Jason answered.

"Jason! Hi how are you friend."

"What's going on, layla. Is everything alright with you and the rest of the ladies?"

" yes. Look can you come over?"

" What? right now?"

"Yes. Now. So can you?"

"I don't know Layla. I'm pretty busy"

"It's really important. Jason. Look you can take five minutes out of your day to see your friends."

*sigh* "alright. Fine. Be there in a bit."

"Thank you. See you in a bit"

"Yeah" *Hangs up.*

Layla looked to me and asked, "are you alright. Like are you ready to see him"

"Yeah. I'm ready. I am......."

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