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(Jason's POV)

Tiana eye's fluttered as she slowly started to wake. I gently moved some loose hair out of her face when she looks up at me.

"Hello" she greeted with her soft hush voice. All I could do was smile as I remembered us always waking up together. 'Hello' is what we would always say. Just one simple word that I remember so fondly.

"Welcome back sleeping beauty"

She smiled and asked, "You was watching me?"

Of course I was watching her. I always watched her. I smiled and answer with, "I always watch you"

She giggled into my chest. She then asked, "how long I've kept you?"

"I don't know. I drifted off with you" I responded before digging in my right pocket I retrieving my phone. The time read 6:59.

"It's 6:59" I then answered. Tiana tilted my phone and looked at the time.

"Oh, seven hours?" She questioned before sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

"Just about" I said before putting my phone back in my pocket.

"Im Sorry"

"Why are you apologizing?" I queried in confusion.

"Well isn't Alison going to be upset? I can talk to her if you like, say it was all my fault, this time and last time."

I shook my head, "That won't be necessary"

"But she'll be upset"

"Look I'm not worrying about Alison. I'm here because I chose to be here. Besides I'm more worried about us. Are we okay?"

I've never seen her cry as much as she did this afternoon. I didn't know she was hurting that much. God I hate when she cries and this was just the worst.

I was staring at her trying my hardest to read her. She didn't answer me. Tiana casted her eyes down staring at her hands.

"Tiana?" I pressed for an answer.

She quickly shrugged her shoulders and glanced up at me. She then gave me a faint smile that wasn't reassuring at all and said, "I guess we'll just have to wait and see"

"Tiana that's not reassuring" I responded.

"Yeah I know," she said abruptly, "but that's all I have right now"

Just then my phone rang in my pocket. When I took it out I see Alison name flashing on the screen.

"You need to get that?" Tiana asked.

"Yes" I then answered the phone, "hey babe" on the other line Alison wanted to know if I'll be home soon because she had cooked dinner. I looked to Tiana who nodded her head giving me the green light to leave. I get up and mouthed 'I call you' covering my mic, before resuming my phone conversation.

"Yeah I'm on my way" I continued walking out of the room and down the stairs where I find Mom in the living room reading. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheeks before walking out of the door.

Back Home:

When I walk through the door I immediately noticed the romantic ambiance; the lights were dimmed, soft music was playing in the background. As I was looking around Alison emerge from the kitchen in a red flared sleeveless dress, red lipstick with her honey blonde hair cascading past her shoulders. She was beautiful.She instantly greeted me with a hug and kiss, before leading me to the dining room.

"I'm glad you're home" she smiled easing away from me.

"You look beautiful" I complimented.

"Aww thanks babe. Maison Ullens" she responded twirling around.

I smiled."So what's all of this for?"

"No reason, I just wanted to do something special for you"

I side eyed her and asked, "what do you want?"

Alison giggled and said, "Nothing, Honestly. Babe I just want to show you how much I appreciate you, and love you. Just something special for you"

"Okay let's just say you're telling the truth. Why now?"

I love that Alison went out of her way to surprise me with a romantic dinner, but honestly my mind was still on Tiana; Everything that transpired today and all that mom said about my marrying Alison, everything I may have to sacrifice. Am I going way over my head, if I'm even ready at all. I don't know I guess I have to think on it some more.

"So how was your day babe?" Alison asked as we walked.

"It was good." I answered, " How about yours?"

"Great. Me and the ladies have been in New York all day shopping, enjoying each others company. I only just got here four hours ago"

"Did you have fun?"I pried

"Of course."

When we get to dining room on the table was set with white and red theme decorations. Some Goblets stood in center of the dining table with the floating red candles lit. I looked back at Alison.who was beaming with excitement, impressed with herself.

"So you like the set up? Not too feminine not to masculine?"

"No babe I love it, but you didn't have to do this"

"I know I didn't. I wanted to. Here have a seat" she said before retreating to the kitchen and then returning with the Appetizer.

"Is that Cream Truffles?" I instantly asked in excitement

"It is. Your favorite" she smiled walking over to me and sitting on my lap.

"Babe you really didn't have to do this"

"Hush. Eat" she said lifting up a Truffle and feeding it to me. "Huh, what do you think?" She asked easing away, "delicious right?"

"Incredible" I responded between bites.

"Yeah?" she nodded. "Awesome" she said before grabbing one for herself and biting into it. I watched as her eyes rolled back as she indulged in creamy bread in pure enjoyment. "This is so delicious"

"I know and mine is gone" I joked, "let me have a piece of yours"

"You can have a piece of mines " she answered before allowing me take a bite on the other in of the Truffle that slowly brought us in for a sweet kiss. *she giggles

When we slowly eased away from each other, Alison gazes at me and for a moment just stayed there.

"What is it?" I asked staring back at her.

"Nothing It's just... I cannot wait until you make me Mrs. Cooke"

At that moment my face froze and once again my mind wandered back to Mom and Tiana: everything mom said,

You will have to sever all ties with her if are to commit only to your wife.

And Tiana's reaction. She was crying for what seems to feel like hours. She was completely heartbroken, therefore I was...


I quickly snapped out of my thoughts.

"Jason what's wrong?" Alison pried.

"Nothing" I lied, "I'm fine. Everything's fine"

"Are you sure?" A concerned Alison asked once more.

"Yes babe I'm fine." I responded, "now where's the main course"

Alison then excitedly hops up. " Oh babe you are going to love this" She said before disappearing into the kitchen.

I hope my mind don't wander off again....

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