Let It Burn

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(Jason's POV)

When I get home, I find Alison in the living room. She stands up immediately when I stepped in and walked over to me.

"So how did everything go?" She ask rubbing her hands together nervously.

"It came and went. She still haven't forgiven me"

"I'm sorry Jason" she mumbled, rubbing my shoulders, trying to comfort me.

"It doesn't matter"

"So what now?" She asked, looking up at me.

"So what now? I'll fight for her. I'm going to get her back"I answered.

"I see" she said walking over to table and picking up a binder and walking back over to me.

"What is that?" I questioned suspiciously.

"Our wedding planner book"

I sighed, "Alison..."


"What are you trying to do?"

"I'm trying to plan our wedding. now for flowers I'm thinking yellow roses. It symbolizes a promise of a new beginning and Paired with white roses, it'll symbolize Unity, aside from the fact that it is a beautiful coordination."

"Alison didn't you hear a word I just said. I'm going to fight for Tiana and I"

"Yes I heard, " she said "and it's okay. You have your fight and I have mine"

"What are you talking about?" I asked in confusion.

"Us" she said simply.

"Alison you're not understanding what I'm saying"

"But I am, Jason"

"Alison, if I'm fighting for Tiana and I, then I'm not fighting for us"

"Like I said Jason, you have your fight and I have mine. You are fighting for Tiana and I will be fighting for us"

"That will just be pointless" I said. Alison doesn't know what she's saying. "Okay" I grab the wedding planner and gestured Alison to the couch. She sits down and I place the planner on the table.

"What is it?" She asked.

"Alison do you know what you're saying right now?" I asked, "you're saying you're going to fight for a man who wants to be with someone else"

"You are not just some man Jason, you're my fiance, and even though we're not married yet, I am in for better or worse."

"Alison.." I take her hands and said, "I don't want to marry you"

For a moment Alison just sat there staring at me. And then, slowly tears started to form in her eyes. At that moment I felt so bad.

"Alison I love you." I said, "but..."

"But what?" Her voice wavered, "look, all because you've given up on us doesn't mean I have to. I want us back, just like you want you and Tiana back. You're not giving up on her, and I'm not giving up on us" she said, furiously swiping her continued tears away. "

I looked away from her as I tried to search for the words without coming off as a heartless jerk.

"I love, alright. I do, but to say we still have a chance will be a lie. I love you, Alison, but I'm still, very much in love with Tiana. I'm sorry."

"I know." She answered, "but that doesn't dissuade me the least. I'm still going to fight. For us."

I shook my head and thought for a second.

Then, "You know Mama Waters said to me once, that when you think you found the right one answer yourself these two questions. You know what the two questions were, Alison" Alison shook her head 'no'. " One, who can you live without. Two, Who can you not live without"

"What are you saying, Jason?" Alison questioned.

"I'm saying, Alison" I take her hands once more. "I care about you.I love you Alison, but..."I paused, "but, I could do without you" I said, releasing her hands, "but Tiana... she is my whole world. She's been my whole, she always were. She is my heart, my body and soul...and I cannot live without her. I can't, don't want to. She is my everything"

I looked to Alison whose tears were forever streaming at a consistent rate. I turned back around and lowered my head for a second, mentally kicking myself for putting all that on her at once.

I then stood up and said, "I need you gone, Alison. I can't be in this relationship with you anymore. I'm sorry."


"Now!" I exclaimed. Alison gasped. "Please." I muttered.

For a second, Alison just sat there in silence. Suddenly in a hushed tone, she said, " No"

"No? Alison I'm serious. I want you gone"

"Listen here Jason" she started, standing up and wiping away remaining tears. When she stepped to me, she said, " I've invested years into this relationship. Loving you, catering to you and us. How dare you do this to me. We were fine, close, happy, and in love. Then this bitch show up!"

"Don't you call her that" I retorted, inching towards her.

"And all of a sudden we weren't. You purposely become distant, so you could snake your way back into Tiana's life, and then you claim you were never in love with me, yeah right. You said and did all those things just to get that second chance with your first love and high school sweetheart. News flash sweetie, Tiana doesn't want you!"

"Say you. You don't know anything about Tiana and I"

"Says me and all fifty plus people at that restaurant who saw Tiana Alain all romantic and in love, kissing and whispering sweet nothings in each others ears."

"Whatever you say dear" I mocked while the anger from those words built within me.

Alison chuckled, "dear, huh?"

"Are you done yet?" I smiled.

"For the moment." Alison returned my pseudo smile.

"Okay" I said, walking over to the fireplace that was already lit up,l prior to me coming home. For a moment I just stood there. Then, I walked over to the table and slowly picked up the wedding planner book, and leafed through it for a while. I then unlocked the metal rings and
Took out the papers.

"What are you doing?" Alison questioned as I walked over to the fireplace.One by one I started throwing the papers in the fire.

"Jason stop!"she said rushing over to me and trying to stop me.

"Get off" I mumbled when I pushed her to the side.

"No stop!" She yelled as she made another attempt to stop me, "Jas" her voice started to waver. She then reached for the remaining papers. "Please stop!"

"Move your hands" I responded calmly as I gazed at the fire, watching the papers burn to a crisp, much to my pleasure.

Finally I threw the rest of the papers into the fire. Alison quickly fell to her knees and cried out.

"I want you out of my house. Today" I finished, before walking away.

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