Lisanna Hate (Let's Go Over Why Shall We?)

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Rant requested by: NightFuryEchogreen

Honestly, why do people hate Lisanna Strauss?

Is it because:
- Of the fact that she gets in the way of the Nalu ship?
- Of her non-existent bitchy personality?
- Of the fact that Hiro Mashima originally wanted her to stay dead but brought her back because the character was popular with his editors?
- You simply saw it as a step back as character development for Mira and Elfman in the story?

Now, if its for the 3rd reason, then I won't bother you. Doing it just because one person wanted it can cause concern for some people about the effect and likability of an entire series/story. If your reason is the 4th reason, I won't bother you either. We all have our opinions. Personally, I saw it as a "family reunited at last" type of thing (seriously did you see how happy Mira was) but you have to admit, the Elodas arc added an extra dimension to her character and Mashima, despite wanting to keep her dead, brought her back in a way that was actually plausible.

However, if your reasons are the first two....I'm afraid we have a problem. (Note how I underlined NON-EXISTENT earlier. Aka, in case if you didn't get it, was a sarcastic comment of how she is portrayed as a jerk in most fan fiction.)

First of all, hating a character in general just because that particular character gets in the way of your ship is just straight up effing bullshit. I actually have a problem with this because some of my favorite characters are hated because they get in the way of their respective ships. Lucy Heartfilia and Elizabeth Midford are prime examples. I love them with all my heart but some people (not all) hate them because Lucy gets in the way of the Nali ship and Elizabeth gets in the way of the Sebastian and Ciel ship. (I'm never going to say SebCiel. It just feels weird. I just did but who cares.)

I read something on Google+ that concerned the relationship between Natsu and Lisanna, stating the fact that they found their childhood friendship beautiful, and it furthered Natsu's personality as a kind-hearted person and they found it sad that fans tried to turn that into something cheap like Lisanna acting like a jerk towards Lucy for her own benefit. And I wholeheartedly agree with that. Not many boys as kids have girls as friends. It just showed that he was a kind and compassionate person from the beginning and not just an hard-headed idiot. Lisanna may not be my all time favorite character, but its like how I view Gray or Gajeel as likable characters. I respect her as one.

If you are going to hate on Lisanna because she can get between Natsu and Lucy as a couple, keep in mind that one, Natsu and Lucy aren't even canon yet. Well they kinda are but it hasnt officially happened. Two, Hiro Mashima already confirmed that the two are going to end up together at some point. He even said that the name of their future kid is going to be Nashi. Three, didn't Lisanna herself tell Lucy to stay by Natsu's side at all times during the Tenrou Island arc? Think about it, whether she said that thinking practically or in the moment, would she really say that to Lucy if she hated her and wanted Natsu for herself? Finally, with that said, while I do ship Nalu, I also understand that ships can go both ways. I mean, I'm not the one writing the series. We have fanfics for that specific reason.

Which...unfortunately leads to the bigger problem, OOC characters. You have Lisanna acting like a jerk for the sake of plot, and/or drama....which really irks me because some fanfics have a really good plot but then I read Lisanna trying to tear Natsu and Lucy apart.

My reaction:

*exits book* *deletes book from library**continues to write my Nalu fanfic*

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*exits book*
*deletes book from library*
*continues to write my Nalu fanfic*

Like seriously. If you're going to write Lisanna in a fanfic, please don't make her a jealous, bitch. For the love of god, that is all I'm saying. And don't make Lucy and Lisanna enemies because if you look at it from a canon POV, THEY ARE FRIENDS. END OF STORY.

Although, if you are like me, I'd strongly advise you (I've to say this because this is the fucking internet) to NOT POST A HATE COMMENT ON THE STORY. JUST DO WHAT I DID AND GO FIND SOMETHING NEW.

Well, rather short, and I hope I got the message out clearly. Now, there are people who would LOVE these types of fanfics. And I have no problem with that. Just make sure that you take into consideration that A) this is all purely fictional and B) FANFICS ARE NOT CANON. For better or worse.

What else would you like for me to rant on? Comment below and let me know! I thought I get a little rant out for the holidays so here you are! Happy Holidays everyone! :DDDDD

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