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I could never forget where he lived.

A few days after the accident, I'd find myself taking the long way home and somehow end up on his road. I told myself, seeing the house stand quietly on the street would eventually wake me up from my living nightmare.

For a long while, I believed it was the only way to drown out all the screaming, the screeching of the car tires and stop my own heart from exploding inside of me. It wasn't until after I thought I saw a flicker of her ghost that I knew it crossed a thin line to insanity. My brain started producing images and spitting them right at me, almost clouding me from reality.

I never came back after that day.

And the following day, Link went to jail.

My feet led the way, almost as though it fell into a practiced routine. On the way, I started cooking up a solid argument, testing out what I'd say after I'd confront him. His demeaning ways would stop affecting me and I'd stop it from letting it happen.

Just before I rounded the corner, I could hear hushed voices at the other side. Curious at who was there, I slowly walked around the corner, trying my best to seem unaware of the conversation brewing in front of me.

Two men. Two bulky looking men both in dark clothes stood next to each other with their hands crossed across their chest. From where I stood and the profile I could gather from here, I decided that they were two men I'd never want to cross lines with and if anything happened where I had to confront them, I'd run tail. One man, with a closed up gash running down from his bold hair all the way down to the side of his eye and disappearing beneath his jaw, spoke up. His voice was deep.

"We're doing whatever the fuck we can," he told someone that was obscured from my view.

I raised my eyebrows at his words, my mind already thinking about many scenarios that could possibly be linked to these men.

"I want you guys to keep her in sight at all times," a voice that was all too familiar rang in the air. I should have known the devil himself was in the middle of everything evil running in this city. My heart sped up at his chilling words but I carried on walking regardless.

"And when I tell you to make her disappear, you make her fucking disappear."

I nearly collapsed on my feet. His chilling words shook me to my very bones and all sense of argument that I was ready to fire at him evaporated. I was back to my cowardly state, wanting to run and hide from him.

I knew it was now that I had to turn around and hastily get away from him, but it was too late when the other man shifted on his feet and created a big enough gap for me to see Link and him to see me. For a brief moment, our eyes met from across the distance and the instant surprised look on his face nearly swiped me clean.

He was planning something and he did not want me to hear. That much was clear on his face. I didn't give myself time to ponder on that as I swiftly turned on my heel and marched back.

"Hey!" he yelled after me. I did well to ignore him, not forgetting that he had two scary looking men by his side and ready to follow his word. I was in the midst of figuring out any defensive moves when I felt a hand cover my elbow.

Every cell in my body zapped up at his electrifying touch and I knew, just by the stern expression on his face that my whole confrontation plan went down the drain. I stop walking, coming to a complete halt. So much for defensive moves I retorted to myself as Link stepped fully in front of me.

The look of surprise on his face moments ago had disappeared and in replace was a hard look. His signature look. His eyes were dark pits, very so and I felt it sucking me into the deep hallow of his being.

I felt the pressure of his hand on my elbow and his fingers were digging into my flesh, holding me in place. I opened my mouth to remind him of the common consensus when it came to personal space but closed my mouth when he spoke.

"What were you doing?" He asked me slowly, each word drilled into my head purposely. I had to answer this in the right way, to make sure he didn't suspect any eavesdropping from my part. That way, I could high tail it out of here and cross out the option of ever confronting him.

Seeing how much power he had over two fully grown, scary looking bad ass made me wonder what else he was capable of doing.

"Nothing," I forced out the lie, hoping that the sudden highness of my voice gave nothing away. I gulped down soundlessly and held his daunting gaze. He didn't react to what I said but instead he looked over my shoulder and motioned for the men to come over.

I started to visibly quiver, holding both my hands in tight fists down my side. My non-existent survival instincts kicked in. If they so much as touched me I would scream and I promised myself to not go down without a fight.

Link returned his gaze back on me and with the slight tilt of his head he gave my shaking body a once over. "Did you hear anything?" He asked, stepping closer into me. I leaned back, trying to increase the distance between us.

I shook my head.

I felt the presence of both his men behind me and I could swear one was literally breathing down my neck.

"Are you sure?" He pressed.

I nodded at him. "Yes."

He didn't move. He kept looking down at me, his face straight, giving me no hint whatsoever as to what he was thinking. And then I felt his cold hand hover over mine, sending a whole round of shivers through me, and then his fingers slowly intertwined with mine.

I held in my breath, the uncertainty of the whole situation kicking me with full force.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, in a small voice.

Link smirked, the ends of his mouth curling upwards. "You're coming with me."


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