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I woke up to a painful jab hitting me hard in my sides. I filled with the need to move, minimise the pain and try to see what caused it even. But even though I forced every cell of mine, willed every part of me to move, I couldn't. I felt paralysed and unable to do anything that I wanted to do.

I tried to lift my head up to catch sight of the pain stricken area on my body, but that too failed at my haste attempt. Everything felt heavy and wrong. I knew what happened to me, I wasn't rendered from my memories. I knew what happened and I knew that the ability to feel pain was wrong. I had blacked out to a point where I felt as thought I was floating over my own body, able to see everything that was done to be yet unable to feel any of it.

Whilst watching myself I knew that any moment I was going to give in. And I was going to be gone for good. I knew it as much as I knew everything to be real.

So why was I here? Feeling pain that shouldn't be felt?

I rolled my eyes back in my head and tried to go back into my slumber. This time, for good. Until a loud, unwelcoming sound snapped my eyes back open.

"I think you've had enough sleep," a deep familiar voice come from the other side of the room. The side I was faced away from which explained why I wouldn't have seen him when I first came to.

"Is that an attempt of a joke?" I replied back, my voice icy and laced with bitterness. I wanted nothing to do with him, because I even remember what had led me straight into Brandon's arms.

I turned to look at him, ignoring the burning feeling coming from my centre and the intensity of it. It put to shame the pain I felt at my side and it took everything left in me to not cry out in pain. I caught him grim expression straight away.

"Not a pretty sight right?" I said, my voice still containing that bitterness I had for him. Nothing could explain what k felt for him right now. All the things I have shaped my life around came crashing down the moment I saw what he was truly hiding. I wanted to know the reason behind it and I thought he owed me nothing less of it.

"Why?" I crocked out, my voice losing the coldness from it instantly. It was as thought I was stripped down emotionally and my barriers came down. I was beat to the core, I was violated emotionally and physically destroyed. But nothing felt worse than seeing Link staring at me, with nothing to say and nothing to give me.

It all came crashing down after that. The surprise built of my own will evaporated into dust in front of me as I succumbed to my pains and fell back into to the bed. I was weak and it was beginning to take its toll on me. I didn't have enough in me to face Link and he clearly didn't want to speak up.

I closed my eyes once again, trying my best to dull the pain that kept tugging at my centre. It was a hard pull that came from my lower abdomen that finally made me crack. It felt as though claws hands dug deep into my flesh, grab at everything and clung to them to squeeze the life out of them. It felt like it was burning as much as it felt as thought ice was being pressed against my insides. There was no relief in the pain and an agonising cry came out my mouth.

I couldn't focus on Link who jumped off his seat and ran towards the door. He yelled for someone but I couldn't hear who as the pain yanked out a physically reaction from me. I doubled over in pain, clutching my lower stomach as I gagged for air. My breathing became constricted as I fought the stars that appeared in the corner of my eyes. The pain was so much that it alone was going to make me pass out again.

I felt several hands on me, another on my stomach and prying my own away from the burning area. I wasn't aware that I was holding on to anything except my stomach until a voice instructed me to let go, following the orders graciously.

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