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| chapter song: praise and worship - naira marley ft lumi |


I was spellbound by the magnificent display beyond me. Fighting my tingling fingers from escaping from behind my back started to become borderline impossible as I kept ogling at the display. It was a struggle for me and it was a struggle for my hands to keep put.

"Ori honey! I think I found your dress - no wait! I have found our dress." I swiped my head to the direction my mother was speaking from, and found her standing at the entrance of the, fairly new, Guiveron Dress Shop.

My mother looked nothing like me. She was standing tall at nearly six feet whereas I barely hit the five foot five point. Joanne, my mother, had light blonde hair, nearly platinum that was always held up by a tight bun or a smart chiffon. She never failed to leave the house without a dozen of products plastered on her face, enhancing her already beautiful face. With royal cheekbones and bright green eyes, Joanne was a model rather than a mother.

Just before she ducked inside the shop, she sent me a warning look, as if to say 'get your ass in this shop right now'. I knew better than to defiant.

"I won't be a minute!" I shouted back, pushing my hands through various pockets, pretending to search for my phone or something alike. As soon as she was out of sight, I made a sharp body turn and pushed through the door that was right behind me.

The bells above my head churned and I smiled softy at Palmer who was grinning back at me from behind the counter. "Orianna lovely, how are you doing this fine Saturday morning?"

I skipped towards the counter, leaning over it to see what Palmer was doing. Palmer was a lovely lady who treated me as her own daughter. She was short, shorter than me and her silvery hair was always done in a impressive braid. She was also a good talker and listener. Her shoulder ready to be leaned on whenever you needed it. And she was also the owner of my favourite bakery shop in the whole wide world, Palmer's Passion.

Now that is a terrific geographical assumption to make but I have yet to come across someone who could work magic in the kitchen like Palmer could.

"Dress shopping with the young model of mine." I sarcastically pointed out, motioning my head towards the dress shop across the road. From afar, it was hard to make out who was in the shop but Palmer knew who I was referring to instantly.

Palmer chuckled at my blunt comment before walking back into her storage room. I felt eager to follow her, and that's exactly what I did.

"Do you want-?" Palmer was cut off when I shoved a chocolate chip muffin in my face. Palmer let out a second chuckle, shaking her head slowly before walking back out of the storage room. "Want to take some on the go?"

I stopped mid bite and my forehead creased at Palmer. I wish could take some since every time I'd come here I'd sneak the four cupcakes up to my room and watch a episode of Game of Thrones whilst stuffing my face in with delicious delight. But I knew that couldn't happen today. My mother was outside and she would instantly spot the bag in my hand and demand to know what it was.

And if she found out it was cupcakes, she would go ballistic on my ass.

"Not today." I mournfully muttered past my full mouth. Crumps of cake flew past my mouth and for once, I laughed at my own unlady-like behaviour. Palmer didn't mind. She just brushed the crumps off her counter before answering.

"You can always hide it in your bag." She offered and my face instantly lightened up.

Palmer laughed at my expression before she reached to her side for a small cupcake box. I watched as Palmer hand-picked four delicious looking cupcakes and placed it carefully in the box. She wrapped it around with paper and then put in it the bag for me."Here you go lovely. Enjoy."

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