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The silence that consumed the air was almost deafening, silently piercing through our ears. I could hear the hums of the machinery in the back room, when usually those sounds were hard to catch through the thick walls. Palmer's clatter was the only sound next to the machines and even that could be heard with the back doors closed.

My eyes were on my clasped hands, on my lap and I could feel the heated gaze of his eyes bore in the side of my face. It was annoyingly impossible to hold his gaze since it just made me feel extremely uncomfortable and his gaze never wavered. And now I was avoiding his eye like the plague.

"So this guy," he started to say, his voice low and calculated it almost pulled a shiver out of me. "Why is he doing all of this to you?"

My heart's wild, erratic thumps were residing in my throat, giving me no chance to speak up. I carefully lifted my head up and my face, to make eye contact with him. His dark eyes were plastered on my face and I fought myself from averting my gaze. Over his shoulder, I could see the back door was still close. Palmer still thought she was giving me quality time with her nephew and that he was here to supposedly cheer me up. I couldn't bring myself to march into the back store room and tell her that this very human being, sitting in front of me, was in fact the devil himself and he was the one that lived to destroy my life.

"If I only knew." I replied with a false smile, knowing well that it didn't reach my eyes.

"It sounds like you killed his family or something like that." Link commented out loud, feigned confusion and concern. My teeth found my lower lip and I clamped down on it hard until a drop of metallic taste landed on my tongue. My fingers were twitching, itching to slap him across the face.

"He likes to think that actually," I unclasped my hands, lifted one palm upwards and placed the side of my head in it. My hair fell on the side of my face and I quickly pushed it out of my face, all the while keeping my eye on Link. I had a nagging feeling that I couldn't have Link out of sight, even though his face was the star of my nightmares lately.

Link arched both his eyebrows at me. "So you killed one of his family members?"

"Yes, yes I did." I told him.

If he wanted to play this game, then so be it.

"Who?" Link asked slowly.

"His little sister I believe. But everyone says they weren't actually related so I don't know exactly who she was."

"Are you telling me that you killed a human and you're here, in front of me, and not in prison serving a life sentence?"

I ignored the hard face that overcame his face and tried to answer him without my voice breaking. "No one knows I did it. That's why I'm still here."

"I know now."

"And I know you won't be telling anyone anytime soon."

Link stared at me, his mouth closed in a tight line. He waited a few seconds before he started speaking again.

"How exactly did you kill this girl?"

I started to regret my decision of playing this game with him because the ending was looming over both of us and I knew it was something nasty. No good will come out of this and for me to retell the story of that night, it would only add salt to the wounds.

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