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It was as if something suddenly switched on inside of me. Some could say it was bravery, others could define it as stupidity.

My initial thought was one of fear. But then, as though I had reached my capacity of taking shit without saying anything, I started to feel angry. Angry at the intruder, angry at myself, angry at everything.

You see those people whose worst fear was whether they passed their exam or not... I wanted to be one of those people. I wanted to be worried over something so pointless and pathetic rather than being worried for my own life. I had pretty much had it.

"Fuck this." I muttered to myself, staring at the door as if the person behind it could hear me. I pushed myself off the floor and angrily swiped across my wet cheeks. I was crying, they were just wet on their own accord.

I took a step away from the door, my eyes still locked on it. I know he was still there, the looming presence still evident and crawling up my skin. "Fuck you." I spat out.

It was silent behind the door.

"Fuck you!" I screamed, much louder this time making sure that he heard me.

What was the reply? A single knock on the door.

The hairs on my arms rose up and then I questioned myself whether what I was doing was okay or not. I didn't ponder much further on it, shutting myself down incase I started to ponder further and waste my time. I turned on my heel and hastily made for the window.

My brilliant plan was as simple as life should be. I was going to jump out the window. And then I was going to run for my fucking life.

My hands rested on the window sill, my forehead pressed against the cold window. The jump down was high... But heck I jumped down from a tree when I was younger and that was more frightening.

I did everything quick. No time to talk myself out of it. I opened the window as wide as I could and hurled myself out there.

It all happened too fast and before I knew it I was on the ground. I could only recall the rush of the window taking me back by force for a millisecond before I hit the ground, my knees first and then followed by my chest. I had hoped I would land on my feet but that was wishful thinking on my part.

The impact didn't hit me until my head dropped down on the floor. But it didn't last long before my whole body somehow had a delayed reaction and then decided that everything was too much for it.

It slowly gave up on me, my eyelids slowly shutting themselves down. The last thing I remembered was hearing the crunching sounds of footsteps by my ears.


I woke up to someone pulling me off the ground effortlessly. Their hands were under me as they lifted me off the ground and into their arms. I fell into them, welcoming the warmth. I didn't have any energy inside me, all my limbs shattered in me. I felt my bones complain and my head was screaming at me.

They carried me inside the house and planted me in the sofa in the first room. A soft cry left my mouth as their warmth disappeared.

I heard them say something but I wasn't with it to actually make out what they said. I felt the side of the sofa fall down and then a second later I felt something wet and warm being pressed against my forehead.

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