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|chapter song: poison - rita ora |

|dedicated: captivatingeyes - for that hot cover |


I glanced around the small bakery, my mind frantically taking me places I really didn't want to be. I felt restricted and closed in, and really terrified. My heart was drumming loudly in my ear and at one point I started chanting "oh my god," under my breath continuously.

I didn't notice Link closing the distance between us until he put his hand on my shoulder. He bent himself so he was eye to eye with me. "Orianna, relax," he tried to calm me down but there was no solution to this apart from breaking out of Palmer's Passion.

"Oh my god," I breathed out again, my eyes flickering past Link's shoulder to the locked door behind him.

"What if we kicked it open?"

Link was speaking to me but I paid no attention to him, my mind too busy trying to find a way to open the door. It was only after Link glanced over his shoulder to see where I was looking at, turned back around to face me and snapped his fingers in my face. My head jerked back, the snap making me jump slightly.

"We can't kick it open Ori." Link enlightened me with a roll of his eyes.

"Why not?" I whispered, looking over his shoulder again.

Link stepped in front of me, blocking my view of the door. "It's too strong of a door," he told me.

"No door is stronger than me." I voiced out loud, glancing back at the door.

"That's debatable."

I glared up at his face and noticed the ends of his lips twitching. He was humouring himself, enjoying the situation we were in. Not surprising, since he had me all to himself in his aunt's bakery and everyone knew more than baking could happen in a bakery.

"You're finding this funny!" I exclaimed loudly, throwing my hands up. I turned away from him, infuriated, but I knew well enough to not let my rage through. "You are shitting me right now." I whispered to myself, my eyes trailing around the bakery, trying to find something of use. When I let myself admit there was nothing here, I turned back to Link and opened my mouth to speak.

Link moved so both his hands were back on my shoulders. He pushed me back slightly, my lower back hitting the stool that stood at the end of the counter. Before he could lend me another hand, I cautiously hoisted myself up the stool, making sure the glare of death was still on my face.

"Just to clarify, your muscles are totally fake."

Link's forehead creased into a frown. "Excuse me?"

I pointed at his arms. "They're fake."

Link glanced at his arms, confused at what I was implying until he slowly lifted his head up to meet my scrutinising glare. "Did you seriously just say that?" Link asked, deliberately punctuating each word.

I rolled my eyes at him, not sure whether I was telling myself I was stupid or him. "We need to get out of here. Or else we're going to drive ourselves to the edge." I admitted to him what I was afraid to admit to myself. Being locked inside a small room with Link would have no good outcome - not for me at least.

Link took a step back and crossed his hands in front of him. "What makes you so sure I'm not there yet?"

His words sent chills up my arm and I did well to avert my eyes away from him. A clear clarification that he was at the edge didn't sit well with me, even though I knew all along.

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