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There wasn't much I should have expected from this car ride. No sort of conversation was going on, silent between both men and I ended up thinking about how further away from being rational I could be from now.

When a scary looking man, who could pass as both a superhuman from an alternative universe and a supermodel with blinding features, comes to your door and says you have to go with him... you just don't go with him.

Whether I knew Nolan or not, there was something about being rational, thinking twice before acting like I was totally in control and acting as though getting requests from bosses was nothing out the ordinary, that somehow passed over my head.

I looked down at my hands that were firmly clasped together, my finger nails digging into my skin. If I didn't look so nervous, my hands would be a dead giveaway.

Come to think of it, they were really not helping my in-control demeanour. 

I stopped focusing so hard on my hands since it was doing me no good, and instead opted to look out the window. I didn't give my head a moment to gather its thoughts because I didn't want to think of anything. Thinking things through seemed like a foreign thing to do right now. I wasn't thinking before this morning, I was sure not going to start right then but instead just see where this no thinking Orianna was going to take me.

Mace and Nolan were quiet throughout the whole ride, and even thought I tried to get something going, five minutes in, I knew it was best to keep my mouth shut. Nolan seemed like he had something in his mind. And Mace just seemed like the type who didn't talk.

Mace. His name didn't exactly spell badass but everything else about him did. He looked like he worked for some secret government shit, or some top mission where only the best of the best were recruited. He looked like someone you didn't want to mess with, like really didn't. And it didn't help that he was just very quiet. For me, it just added to his badass persona.

"Erm-" I started to say, albeit in a very small voice since a part of me was hoping they didn't hear me. But there was no point in even finishing off, since my unvoiced question was already answered.

Nolan came to a half infront of a massive, towering building, the long steps leading to a pair of glass doors. Uncertain whether this was the place to go, I didn't get out the car for a while, until the door flew open next to me. Mace was standing there, looking me in the eye and silently telling me to get the hell out the car. I glanced at the passenger seat, slightly shaken up since I didn't even hear him get out - let alone see him get out.

Mace seemingly inpatient at my slowness, reached inside and tugged on my arm. "Let's go," he said in a low voice.

I nodded obediently and stepped out the car, with the help of Mace. I didn't bite his arm back because I didn't need the help, but I couldn't exactly face off with a man like Mace. Plus, he just helped me out the car, big deal.

I muttered a small thank you, and kept my eyes fixated on the building. I felt something brush my arm and when I looked down, I just caught Mace's hand moving away. Even with the slightest touch, perhaps to get my attention, I felt it travelled through my leather jacket and right to my skin.

"This way," he said, lifting his head to the direction of the glass doors.

I wanted to make sure Nolan was here, as it seemed wise to have someone familiar around me in such unfamiliar place. I looked back over my shoulder and stopped when I saw the car was gone, along with Nolan.

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