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Nearly 2 years ago

It was the rebellious side in me. The side that wanted to seem impressive in front of others and show everyone that I could drive. I wanted to show them that my parents were the best, when in reality it was the furthest from the truth, for letting me drive a car around the area.

"I'll drop you off at home," I told my best friend Versa was seated securely on the passenger seat. She was clutching on the seatbelt like her life dependant on it.

"Relax," I giggled, glueing both my hands on the steering wheel. "My driver instructor said I could take my test right now and pass but it's just my age. I have to be seventeen at least to go for the test." I assured Versa who seemed like she would rather I focus on the driving than speak to her at all.

"Just take me home safety and leave the car at mine." She gulped loudly. "And uber it home or something."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh come on!" I exasperated. "Everyone thinks this is so cool."

Versa snapped her head to glare at me. "You're already cool Ori! You have Brandon as your boyfriend for godsake!"

I turned away from my friend, biting my lower lip as the short car ride became completely silent. We just came from hanging out with our other classmates at a house and everyone was completely shocked that I had a car, let alone drive it! They were all gushing around me, and Brandon who I was only seeing for a few months had his arm around my shoulder. I felt all warm inside, giddy even and completely happy at how everything was turning out for me amongst my friends.

I pulled up a few inches away from the curb in front of Versa's house. She didn't even wait for me to fully switch off the car as she unbuckled herself and reached for the latch. She opened it and jumped out, without even saying goodbye.

I rolled the window as soon as she slammed the door shut. "Feeling the love!" I shouted at Versa's shoulder.

She turned her body around and started walking backwards. "Wish I could say the same!" She shouted back.

I frowned at her. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"You wouldn't drive me around without having a license!"

I threw my head back and let out a laugh. "Oh get a grip!" I yelled at her just as she threw me a finger and disappeared into her home.

I started the car again and started driving home.

The car journey from Versa's place to mine was long. A mere five minutes, even less if I dared to speed up a little bit. It was the dead of night, most people were tugged in bed and fast asleep, leaving the road to sleepless wanderers as myself.

I drove by, my mind wandering back to earlier that evening where Brandon came from behind me and wrapped his long arms around me. He squeezed me tightly and pressed me back into him. I had blushed as he whispered something completely sweet into my ear.

The whole night was blissfully serene and I wanted to relive it for the next few days.

It was how far my mind had gone, how far deep it was in hoping to relive every sweet moments with Brandon that lead to a split second of losing focus.

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