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Hey guys! I've been getting a lot of messages and there's been a ton of confusion going on about my books.

To keep it very simple, I don't like characters to go to waste and I love giving them all a separate story.

With Link Dane, several characters have appeared and they all have their own separate books (some old, some new, some posted, some not posted)

Here's a list of who has a book so far and I hope you're willing to go check it out if you love the character!

Story 1

It was a simple agreement. A simple task whereby two individuals are linked by one unseen connection. One girl would get what she wanted from one man, who asked for something minor in return:

no complications allowed.

Characters: Mace + Marie
Mace (from Link Dane - the guy from last chapter who came to Ori's door + the guy that Link asked to look out for Ori when he left for Cain's place)
Marie (the girl from Satin Shirts- the one who slept with Jon)

Story 2
His Assistant

When Daisy, a work-hard twenty-two year old finds herself practically begging her landlord for one night's more stay, her wallet spitting dust, her ass hanging on a thin thread of becoming homeless, she makes a split second deal with her long-lost classmate, Nolan Yuing.

To be his assistant.

Nolan has everything, a hefty inheritance from his uncle, is the new owner of the F.P. Security and has enough bodies to keep his bed warm for decades. But after finding himself making a deal with the only girl who gave him next to none attention during their high school days, he finds it hard to resist to play with her.

And then, what more could he want when he is done playing Daisy?

Characters: Nolan + Daisy
Nolan (Regular person in Link Dane)
Daisy (New girl)

Other characters that have their own book but their story isn't up on my profile is: Cain, Lucian, Quan (makes an appearance next chapter) and other guys :)

Technical Match and Inimical Match and Chemical Match are not up on my profile. They are under heavy construction.

I hope this helps clear up some confusion and some questions as to whether characters have/ have not got a book up. And I hope you enjoy all the stories!


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