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Staring down at her pristine face, Link thought he never saw this girl look so rested like this before. The lines that were fixated around her eyes and mouth softened, leaving behind a face that looked at peace with everything.

He listed a finger, careful not to make any sudden movements which would lead her to jolt awake. What with everything she's been through, Link guessed her guard was not easily dropped. His finger hovered carefully above her face, millimetres awake from her cheekbones. Silently, he outlined the hollows of her cheeks, making sure not to touch her directly.

They were close enough as it was, close enough for Link to feel her body heat without any means of physical touch. A few strands of her hair covered parts of her face and Link, for a long time had imagined to feel her hair, run his fingers through it and see if it was as soft as he imagined it would be.

She breathed out.

Link dropped his finger and stared down at Orianna. She was asleep but her breathing was still heavy, the occasional exhale of air out her mouth vocalised. She was gone for the world. That much was obvious.

Link continued staring at her, his mind once again completely zapped away from his surroundings. At first it freaked him out, but soon enough he realised that being around Orianna and how just her presence made him forget about everything was a bitter addiction and he constantly needed to answer his craving.

He found that he just needed to be around her. Link found himself lost again, the quietness that surrounded them both truly welcoming. Orianna was fast asleep and he was not thinking about anything. He was lost, but content.

The idea of leaving her alone unsettled him mainly because of the events that had unfolded tonight. The phone call, the pure fear in Ori's voice still made his throat full, his hands clenching at the mere thought that she was petrified to her bones.

The phone call came sooner than he wanted and he let it ring for a while, the soft humming of the vibration filling his ears before he, at the last second, reached for his phone and answered.

"Yeah." He said by greeting.

The person at the other end of the line was someone that Link trusted. "They're coming now." Jared informed Link.

Link wasn't alright with that and without actually thinking about the reality of everything, he asked his friend for another favour.

"Stall them."

Jared was quiet at the other end which surprised Link since Jared was always the one talking. He met Jared through Cain. He was the best friend of Cain's brother, Quan and he was now working for Lucian. Link could sometimes call in a favour from Lucian's boys and more often than not, they were more than willing to help.

He thought of getting a few of the guys to keep watch on Ori incase the fucking bastard returned again.

"Sure." Jared said after a while.

"Thanks Jared." Link muttered before he hung up.

He didn't immediately place the phone down, and instead went to make another call, all the while sitting as close to Ori as possible.

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