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His thoughts were quick to become overcrowded which explained why Link could never work for Lucian as he'd want to. One way or the other, Link would find something that occupied his mind to no end.

And for the past few weeks, it's been Orianna. Everything about her lured him in and he was done trying to pretend nothing was happening. He saw no good end to what he started but he was slowly pulling back. His own version of what he thought would be revenge was falling apart and it only lead to him falling for the one person he had learned to loathe.

He let out a deep sigh as he dropped his head back into the wall. Link was leaning against the wall adjacent to the bathroom. "Mum you've been in there for hours," Link grunted out and followed it by another fist knock to the door.

"I swear if you do that again, you'll see a completely different side of me." Link's mother warned from behind the door.

Link heard the running of the water come to a stop minutes ago and she still hadn't come out. Link had somewhere to be. He had a few things to do and before he could see to them, he had to look human enough for them. And that required a hot shower which right now, was prevented by his mother from happening.

"I have somewhere to be," Link grunted back at his mother.

"Tough." Was her simple reply.

He took the few steps to the bathroom door and carried on waiting, banging his head back on the door occasionally - each time regretting it because he knew his mother would do something to him the moment she would step out.

He didn't hear the doorbell. He didn't know someone was at the door until it was too late.

"Hello there," he heard his sister's chirpy voice come from downstairs softly.

He didn't react to it quicker. It took a minute for him to realise that his sister opened the door to an unexpected guest. Alarm bells rung loudly in his ears and he jumped away from the wall as if it burned him. In one leap, he came to the end of the hallway and ran his way down the stairs, his feet colliding on the dark wood loudly.

The front door was right at the bottom of the stairs and he could already see, before he came to the landing, the all too familiar blonde waves. He stopped himself just as he rammed into his sister back and heard her say something. He didn't quite catch what she said as he watched Orianna stumble away, clear horror etched across her whole face.

The moment their eyes met, Link felt worse than he ever did. Seeing the disbelief, the fear and the clear pain lashed across her face, his heart ached. He wanted to shout, then and there, everything he had been meaning to tell her the last few weeks. How he had an explanation. How his own hurt masked him from what was right and wrong. How he had stopped tormenting her but fell into another form of torment of his own when trying to tell her the truth.

His sister had turned around to say something to him but nothing registered. He felt her hands shake his arm, trying to make him do something but all sense of movement had been taken away from him.

He watched, as she slowly but at the same time as quick as he ever seen her move, as she bolted. Like something snapped in him, he quickly slipped on his shoes by the door and ran after her. He heard his sister shout his name after him but he paid her no attention still.

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