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| dedication: Heads_in_The_Clouds - for the cover (s) <3 |


"Nice name."

Believe it or not, I did say that to him, with a forced wide smile carved on my face. My cheeks strained at the wideness of my smile and I had to give myself a well-deserved praise for my faultless façade. I already knew his name, since I wasn't a fool and also became rather acquainted with it last night - my mind had it on replay. I also knew enough about him to send me running into the woods - only to have him hot on my trails and chase me right back out. But I didn't want him to know I was the slightest bit affected by his mere presence. They say to keep your face in front of your enemies, since any sign of weakness could act like a catalyst to their fire.

"Thank you," he replied back with the edge of his mouth curling upwards. He looked well-groomed and more organised from last night with his black tuxedo attire. It didn't go amiss by me with how his hair complimented his clear skin complexion.

He dropped my hand languidly, making sure to keep his intense gaze locked on mine. "Do you want to dance?" he suddenly asked with a tilt of his head. I stared at him, momentarily duped into thinking he was serious.

When I didn't say anything and felt my Mother nudge my side, then I realized he was dead serious.

"I-" I started to say, the decline playing on my tongue but not fully coming out. Maybe it was because my Mother was standing right next to me and I could practically feel her shooting flames at me with her eyes.

And then there was my Father, silently brooding at my prolonged response.

"-I'd love to." I altered quickly, saying it through gritted teeth. The abrupt rush of fear elapsed past me when I saw Link take a step forward. I quickly scanned the massive crowd for Brandon's messy bob of blonde hair but my heart dropped when I caught nothing. He was nowhere to be seen.

My only chance of rescue evaporated in front of me.

I felt his cold hand wrap around my wrist as he slowly pulled me closer to him. To everyone else overlooking the simple act, it wouldn't pass as more than innocent. To me - I felt captured. His hand dropped from my wrist to my fingers and he carefully intertwined it together before he turned around.

"Excuse us," Link nodded at my parents and his dad behind us and started to walk.

I followed after him silently, ignoring the wild hammering of my heart that was thumping in my throat and instead tried to focus on my steps. One misguided step and I would collapse to the ground in utter humiliation. He led us towards the centre of the dance floor and I silently cursed whoever was in the charge of the music for graciously putting on a slow music.

"I can't dance." I whispered at the back of Link's head, hoping to every Star that he would have an ounce of empathy for me and let me go.

I was suddenly spun on my feet, the quick twirl taking me by surprise. I felt the misstep of my feet and hurriedly tried to catch my equilibrium before it was too late. Link had me facing him and I suppressed a growl when I spotted his smart smirk. "We'll make do with what you can do." Link said back at me, one hand snaking around my waist.

My mouth dropped open slightly and let out a small gasp when Link yanked me into his chest. "You look beautiful tonight," he complimented with a sly tone to his voice. I gritted my teeth loudly, frustrated at myself for allowing this. I had to stay away from him; that was a simple mission but I was already failing horrendously.

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