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I didn't go home that night. But instead found myself with Versa, Ryan and - surprisingly - Thomas. Some would argue it was strange to be with your ex's brother, especially when you just found out he cheated on you. But Thomas wasn't budging even though Ryan politely asked him to leave.

Versa wasn't looking his way, at least not directly, since she still wasn't over the night he asked her out but ditched her for other girls at the party two nights ago. It was also the night Link decided to grace us with his presence.

We all sat in a booth, in a small take-away shop with half eaten burgers and chips in front of us. Next to me sat Thomas and Ryan was sitting next to a silently brooding Versa. Thomas's phone, that was on the table, vibrated and my eyes travelled down to see that he got a message from his brother asking him where he was.

Just as Thomas picked up his phone to reply to the text, I opened my mouth. "Don't tell him you're here with us." I told him, narrowing my eyes down on his phone. The thought of coming face to face with Brandon did not sit well with me.

Thomas looked at me, slightly baffled. "You mad? I wouldn't do that."

I nodded at him and turned away to face Versa. "Can I stay at yours tomorrow? I seriously can't stomach going ho-"

Versa cut me off with a wave of her hand, "I already had your bed prepared."

I sent her a grateful smile, thinking I scored well with my best friend.

Thomas was furiously texting on his phone, mumbling curse words whilst he was at it. Ryan was eyeing Thomas closely and after a few seconds he opened his mouth. "He's coming isn't he?"

I snapped my head at Thomas. "You said you wouldn't tell him!"

Thomas glared at me. "I know! But he figured it out."

"How?" I exclaimed.

"You guys always used to come here," he pointed out, back to texting on his phone.

I grimaced as the memory slammed back in my head and groaned out loud. That was true, we used to come here a lot and if he could take any bet, this would be it. We had to get out of here before Brandon came. I stood up from my seat and draped my jacket over my arm. "I'm leaving, anyone coming?"

Versa didn't wait a second longer as she shot up from her seat and stepped out the booth. Thomas stood up as well - but only to let me get out.

"Look Ori, we really need to talk." Thomas said in a low voice, trying to catch my eye. I looked straight at him and held back my distaste. It didn't help that he resembled his twin brother.

I didn't hold back the words that came out next. "About what? That you knew Brandon was cheating on me with my mum?"

"I wasn't meant to say anything!" Thomas fired back.

I couldn't see past him anymore. I've always been able to tell the brothers apart and that's probably what made Brandon catch any interest in me. But right then, watching Thomas across from me, his features slowing morphing into ones of his brother, I couldn't tell them apart. "Why not? Any human would." I said in a much lower voice, sounding defeated to my own ears.

"No, they wouldn't," he said, holding my eyes. He was telling me something, maybe for the good or maybe not. But I decided that I just couldn't do anything right now, let alone get an explanation.

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