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| chapter song: black magic - little mix |
| dedication: anne, my love |


"Let go."

Link tightened his hands around my waist. "No."

I swallowed down the large lump in my throat. "Let go." I repeated, more forcefully this time.

I looked around, hoping Brandon could at least save me from this devil. When my eyes didn't catch any mop of dirty blonde hair, I took it upon myself to get away. I dropped my hands from around his neck and grabbed his hands that were still glued around me. I stabbed my nails inside the small exposed skin of his wrist and pulled his hands off me.

Link didn't look fazed with the infliction of the pain but rather looked amused. He let go slowly and I didn't wait a second before picking up my dress and hightailing it out of there

I couldn't give two flying damns about my Father's party, or the awaiting scowling from my Mother. She could really make you feel downgraded from just a simple scowl and I always avoided it. Yet, this time, to hell with it.

I barged past the whole crowd, the past irking behind my brain and I nearly convulsed at the sour taste it left on my mouth. After all I did change, learn how to keep up a pretty face... but I still didn't forget. It was always lurking around my life and with Link back in town, I knew I was right back in the red zone. And his agenda was clear as crystal.

He was going to make me pay for his sister's death. A death that was on my hands.

A hand flew to cover my mouth as a sickening taste started to rise from the pits of my stomach. It churned. My body started to quiver like an upcoming earthquake and once again, I was alone.

No one knew about the horrific accident that happened nearly two years ago and it was silently eating at me from the inside. I could never tell anyone mainly because I knew how it was going to end for me. But everyone deserved justice and peace. And I suffered a great deal with trying to get my head around the fact that I didn't give Link's sister the peace and justice she deserved.

My hand flew to the top of my head, my own voice screaming at me. Stop!

"Ori- wait!"

Link is back to get that justice and peace for his sister.


I heard my name being called out and my eyes frantically scanned the surroundings. But I didn't register anything until I felt a hand grip my upper arm.

I looked up, slightly surprised to see Thomas, and quickly gathered my composure. "What's up?" I asked, titling my head to the right.

Thomas looked back at me incredulously, his brows knitted together. "You seriously going to act like I didn't see you suffer from a panic attack?"

My eyes narrowed down onto his face, "panic attack?"

Thomas moved so he was standing right before me and he crossed his arms. I couldn't help but notice how tight the tuxedo went around his arms and I could almost see what Versa saw in him. Thomas was nothing like his brother. Thomas had a tough, careless exterior but I had always noted the little concern for the small things he often let through.

"Yes, Ori, a panic attack," he knifed his eyes sharply down on me and I felt like I was being suffocated.  He wasn't going to let it go. Not anytime soon.

I let out a deep sigh and tried to avoid his eye by looking over to his side. I noticed that I managed to drag myself outside. It didn't look as fancy as it did earlier this evening and everyone was shuffled inside. There were a few cars parked at the side and a valet was standing to the side, smoking a cigarette.

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