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I blinked a few times, at a rapid pace as my mind tried to piece together the unmoving scene in front of me. It took it a while, or maybe it was two seconds, for my mind to actually apprehend who was standing before me. I could have shook my head wildly, to make sure my eyes weren't playing a trick on me but with the collective gasps and murmurs that flowed around the crowd... Oh this shit was real.

"-what is he doing here?"

"-ohmigod, is that really him?"

"-no, it's not him."

"-shite, this shit is fucked up man."

"-are you okay?"

I felt everyone's attention trail over to a moaning Thomas but just as they checked he was still breathing, they looked back at the culprit in the middle. The party was still going on as the blaring music was lowered to a soft volume and I could taste the stench of alcohol in the air.

Chills ran down the back of my spine, and not because of the damp cold, but as I kept my gaze locked in his non-liberating one, it restricted my breathing. Still unbelieving, I shadowed my eyes along his body. He had his hands clenched by his long side, his jacket slightly ragged from the manhandle and his short hair spiked up at odd slants.

A hand tightened in mine and I feebly glanced down to my best friend. She was looking up at me with her glistering hazel eyes, the tears still welled up behind her eyes. I wanted to drag her into my arms and just hug it all out but my whole body was in a freeze-mode.

"I want to say we're all dreaming and that he's not back but I can't say that because then we'll be in denial and right now, even though it sounds hilariously appealing, we can't be in denial." Versa whispered quickly besides me and she moved so she stood closer to me, her shoulders brushing my upper arm.

I choked around a scoff and it sounded wrong to my ears. "It really does sound hilariously appealing." I whispered back at her, watching one of the five bulky boys that broke off the fight step out again. I knew him, he was one of Brandon's friends, Ryan. He walked over to the culprit in the middle, his steps slow and calculated. Ryan was more muscled and bigger but the animalistic vibe that emitted from the culprit in the middle was kind of holding him back. That was very clear.

"Yo, man. You need to get out of here before anyone calls the police," Ryan held up his hands, trying to reason with him.

But he only glared at the hands and stepped towards Ryan. I watched in horror as he smacked it away roughly and started to walk. Walk in our direction.

My whole body tensed and I prayed that he didn't recognise me. I prayed to God he did not recognise me.

I had changed drastically over two years and I freaking hoped it benefited me tonight. "Oh my gosh, he's coming. He's coming for us," Versa whimpered as he shoved past a few people until he was right in front of us.

I heard Versa inhale deeply as her chest puffed out. She was trembling besides me but I was immensely proud of her brave facade. We were holding onto each other, but we both knew if one was to let go, both of us would crumble in a heap of mess on the concrete.

"Versa," his voice was rough to my ears up close and my heart jittered at the mere sound. But I was more surprised when he addressed my best friend.

"Don't drop to such a pathetic level where you have to come to a party with Thomas. You deserve much better."

I nearly choked on thin air at what he said. Shock was clear on my face as I kept my eyes locked on him . He looked dead serious.

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