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|chapter song: panic cord - gabrielle aplin |

|dedication: _heyorhi - for the dope cover xx |


After that, neither of us spoke.

We both were deeply absorbed in our thoughts, my mind doing a terrific job of constantly replaying things I wanted to forget. If there was a pause button, everything would be great. Heck, if there was an erase button everything would be fabulous. But I guess that would be cheating life and life made sure it was ahead of the game, regardless of your admirable tactics.

My stomach growled and I quickly moved around to cover up the embarrassing sound. I haven't eaten anything since I left Versa's house with a sandwich half-eaten, came to Brandon's and Link's fight, came to the bakery, made a mess of the place, cleaned it up with Link, and now I was stuck with him. Something was bound to file out a complaint and my stomach did it gladly.

"I don't think she'll mind if you eat one of the cupcakes." Link voiced form where he sat. He was still on the counter, his leg dangling down beneath him. My cheeks started burning, embarrassed that he heard my confident stomach. He looked relaxed, in a tranquil state almost. He looked far from worried as I probably did which made me question a few things.

My eyes glowered at him from across the room. "Are you not bothered about the fact that we're locked in Palmer's bakery, probably for the whole night?" I questioned, my voice dripping with irritation.

Link lifted up his head slightly to and shot me glance. "Nope."

For a moment I simply gazed into her eyes, and then Link drew a deep breath. He muttered something in a low voice and jumped off the counter. I watched intently as he reached inside his pocket and pulled out his phone.

To my utter horror and shock I watched him switch on his phone. He waited a few seconds before he could use it and then he texted someone.

"Right now would be great," I started, pushing myself off the floor, "if you tell me you're kidding."

I rushed to his side and the first thing I looked at was the battery percentage. My mouth sputtered open, unable to create any coherent words. I pointed at the screen. "You lied!" I cried out incredulously. I could not believe this!

I snapped my head to glare up at him. "You're so twisted." I snarled up at him. How could he pretend that his phone was dead! Why would he do that?

Link ignored me and hit sent to a text he composed. "Palmer should be here any minute."

"How can she get here so quickly?" I asked, my voice coming out higher than we both anticipated. Link took a step away from me and pointed at the clock that was hidden behind a stack of books. "She told me earlier she would be here at seven."

"And you thought to me tell this when?" I questioned, baffled at everything to do with Link. He was a twisted human being and after this, if I was caught so much as a feet near him I would jump to another continent.

Link shrugged in answer. "I didn't."

I clenched my fist down my sides, reminding myself to breathe through my nose and exhale deeply. This should refrain me from hurling at Link and quite possibly avoid a bloodbath. He looked unfazed by, what I suppose was my blotchy face and he carried on texting on his phone.

"I thought your phone died." I stated.

Link didn't spare a glance from his phone when he replied. "It did. But now it's alive again."

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