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| chapter song: slow motion - trey songz |

| dedication: psychvtic - for the smokey cover xx |


He had me on lock down, in more ways than one with his hands firmly placed on my thighs and with his cold stare. I tried to wiggle out of his hold but it was to no avail- it only led to him pulling me closer into him, almost crushing me into his chest.

"You are insane," I breathed out, gawking down at him incredulously. He wasn't okay in the head right now and maybe, just maybe, Brandon had given him a good one.

"Never been as sane as I am right now," Link scoffed, his hands around my waist digging into me. I blinked a few times and then decided to wiggle some more.

Link shook his head at me. "You should really stop doing that," he tutted.

I glared down at him. "Why?"

"It's annoying," he said on a sigh.

I stopped moving around and thought to think through a plan strategically. If I just spat on his face and then pinched his cheeks and then—.

I was suddenly hauled upwards and I let out a small scream. Link stood, with my legs dangling down his sides and he was smiling down at me widely. I shook my head at him slowly, mentally firing wide erratic threats his way. If he didn't put me down in one second...

"You have something that I want."

I reared my head back so quickly, that I actually thought I heard a snap. "What do I have?"

Link just let out a chuckle, his chest rumbling up against mine. "Why did you follow me here?" Link suddenly asked.

I frowned down at him, placing my hands on his shoulders to stop myself from falling backwards. Or worse, closer into him. "You didn't look so great back there and I didn't want Palmer to see you."

"Could you put me down now?" I asked him, trying to pull one of my thighs out of his hold.

"No. Just carry on playing nurse."

I narrowed my eyes down and glared into his dancing eyes. He was getting a kick of out this. "I'm just going to leave and forget you even exist."

Link's upper lip curled into a smile. "Hard to do that when I'm your nightmare."

"Don't flatter yourself." I scoffed, moving out roughly in hopes of escaping from him. I felt his hands slip and just before I could jump at the chance, he roughly pushed me against the counter.

"Oh, so is it my sister that haunts you in your sleep?"

I stopped moving around. He took that as an advantage and pushed me further backwards, causing me to knock over a few cutleries. "Oh my god." I gasped out, my hands flying everywhere resulting in more mess. Odd things that were on the counter all fell down to the floor, making sure to make an ear-shattering sound as they made their landing.

I snapped my head back at Link and saw that he was enjoying this. "You think this is funny?" I hissed at him, clawing at his face with my fingers. Luckily for him, he moved his face away just in time.

"Chill," he said, his hands tightening around me again.

I shook my head quickly at him, refusing to be a participant in this game. "No, no you don't get to do this anymore. I have to clean up the mess."

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