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Link walked inside the big room to find all the men Lucian ordered to go out on the field getting ready. They were all silent, each to their own thoughts. It didn't take a mind reader to know that these men were thinking about ways to get the fucker down.

"You going?" Mace appeared behind Link.

Link gave him a nod. "Your boss can't stop me."

"I don't think any of us can." Mace replied back honestly. At least one man in here know the truth. Link wasn't staying behind. He was going wherever the hell that fucker took Orianna and he was going to bring her back.

"How did he manage to take her?" Mace asked him.

"She was running. He was probably watching her and caught her like that."

"Like a predator waiting in the bushes."

"That predator becomes a prey now." Link said those last words before Lucian came inside the room.

All the men turned to him. Lucian looked at Link, making it clear how he felt about him standing in this room. But he was wise, and wise men knew when to back off when other men were becoming protective.

"Caught him on CCTV." That's all that needed to be said. Soon after that, two black jeeps were filled and driven out the building car park.


It was a remote location.

Link wasn't surprised nor were the other guys. The cameras didn't show the whole route that fucker took but enough was seen for Reece to make out what direction he could have head in. And after that, it was a matter of following tracks and hoping the men back at Security were not wrong.

Link looked around the dirty path surrounded by naked trees. If the fucker was here, they would have seen him by now even from a distance, since there wasn't much obscuring the view.

Link was starting to find it hard to keep his emotions at bay. He wasn't a fool, and spending enough time with these men Link knew that emotions in a tense situation could get you killed. Or worse, Orianna could get hurt. He felt to blame that Orianna was with the fucker and suffering, with whatever the hell he was doing to her. Link couldn't imagine what exactly since that alone could drive him mad.

The car came to an abrupt stop. Mace put up the hand brake and jumped out the car. Link, zapped out of his dangerous thoughts jumped out the car instantly and followed him, knowing that Mace wouldn't stop the car if he didn't see anything of use.

"Look." Mace pointed to the dirty path and saw that the car tracks had disappeared. Link and Mace followed the end of the tracks with their eyes and saw that it disappeared to the side.

Link walked between the naked, hollow trees. You had to walk a few steps deep into the trees until you could see it.  There wasn't a path, but how often the fucker trekked this way out made a steep path down.

At the bottom, hidden well enough from the normal path at the top, Link saw something. There was a small cabin, something you'd see in the movies and the car he used was parked to the side. Link didn't wait for anything as he made a dash for it, ignoring the shouts of Mace and Lucian.

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