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| chapter song: waiting for love - avicii |
| dedication: odridodri - for that hot cover xx |


The touch of his lips against mine was different, unfamiliar and I didn't feel anything except from his fingertips grazing my jawline. I felt numb, wherever he touched, and before either of us could official call this kiss, a kiss, Link pulled back. "We're not drunk." His hoarse voice travelled between us.

We couldn't exactly blame the alcohol since our choice of beverage this evening was alcohol free. So our actions was purely initiated by ourselves with nobody being fully, uncontrollably pissed.

Well not in that terms.

Because I was pissed as fuck. I landed both hands on his shoulders and pushed him off me. He jerked back from my hard push, a look of bewilderment cemented on his face. I ran the back of my hand across my mouth, ignoring the wild thumping of my heart in my ears.

"That cannot happen again. Ever." I shook my head at him furiously, jabbing my index finger in the space between us. "Not ever." I repeated harshly.

Link didn't say a word but instead, pushed himself up to his feet. His eyes cut down to mine and shortly afterwards started to walk away.

I stared after him for a few seconds, waiting for my mind to catch up to all the events that unfolded and for my heart to press its chill button. And then I hoisted myself up and raced after Link.

I grabbed his upper arm and pulled him to a stop. "What was that for?" I asked him, my voice itching close to a yell. Link shoved his hands in his pockets and continued to stare at me, not showing me any sings of planned communication.

"I am talking to you!" I yelled in his face, hoping to get a reaction out of him. He continued to ignore me, seeming unfazed by everything. As if kissing your sworn enemy was the new norm to be socialised in.

I was perplexed by it all and the added disruption of emotions I never felt before was starting to press down on me. I wasn't familiar with this situation and the blind-sighted position I was yanked into raised my discomfort levels. Answers were what I needed and I needed them right now.

"If you're not going to tell me what that was for, at least tell me you're not playing some sick joke on me." I hissed in his face, planting my palms on his chest and giving it a push.

He didn't move as much as I hoped but my added force took him by surprise. His hand wrapped around my wrist and he slowly pulled it off his chest.

"Orianna," Link started to say, his voice deeper than it usually was and much more coarse. It sounded like he was scratching the surface of his voice and the tone sent ugly vibes through me. "You of all people should know that my sick jokes don't ever end." Link's frontal teeth came in view. His smile toyed with creepiness and I had to take a step back with what Link was emitting.

"You are sick in the head." I spat in his face, not taking two, but three steps back. My back was to the crowd that were behind us. Their loudness was overwhelming and I had this frightening idea that if I screamed, no one would here.

Link tutted whilst shaking his head. "No point in looking back, no one is paying attention."

"What do you want Link?" I asked impatiently.

Link stared down at me, his eyes dancing under the light the moon graced us with. He didn't move, prolonging his stillness until we heard a sound come from behind.

I whirled around and saw Ryan and Versa standing there, both looking at us with hesitance and unsureness. They found themselves in a perplexed state, not sure whether to come forward or to stay back.

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