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"You can take that however you want," I muttered under my breath. I shut the door behind me and went around Link, trying my best to uphold a front so he would stop with his bizarre questions.

I didn't give any opening for him to carry on with his need to seek unnecessary clarifications from me. "Is Palmer here?" I swiftly asked over my shoulder, my eyes scanning the bakery. It seemed unusually empty, since normally everyone would be found hanging around together around this time.

"No." He replied slowly. "Nolan took her out to check his new workplace. And then for some lunch."

I turned my head around slowly, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "He got a new job?" I asked, surprised by this new information that reached me. Nolan seemed like he was under the shadow of his uncle, always running errands and covering for him. Now he had his own job?

"Lucian handed him a whole company. He's the new boss now."

My eyes widened at their own accord. Seeing Nolan's uncle handing his nephew a whole company seemed absurd, unrealistic even. "He can do that?"

Link nodded, walking back to the counter. I lifted myself onto the chair beside the counter and eagerly waited for Link to give me more. "How?" I pushed as I realised Link wasn't going to add anything else to it since he started working away with the papers. I've seen him come behind the counter numerous of times and without a word just worked on the paperwork, so I didn't question what he was doing at all.

"I don't know," he shrugged. "And I'm past questioning Lucian's ways."

"I don't think that's fair," I said slowly. "What if others want to fight for that position? He can't just pass it to Nolan because they are related."

Link nodded slowly in agreement. "I'm not so sure but there were others that went for the position." Link said before he took a pause. "I for one, went for it, but didn't get it."

My lips parted slowly as both my brows arched upwards. I was surprised at that, especially after I had this whole idea embedded in my head that Link wasn't the type to uphold a whole job, let alone a solid career. He seemed like the type to come and go as he pleased, not allowing for anything to hold him back. So seeing him going for a position, that even people that had a degree would find challenging seemed even more absurd to me. Almost like a jigsaw puzzle that so badly wanted to fit in but it couldn't since the picture of him in my head was already complete.

"Better luck next time?" I said slowly, not sure whether it was too early or too stupid to say something like that. I mean... Did he even believe in luck? Was he even going to go for something else next time? Immediately I was swallowed by the stupidity of my words and the awkwardness that it suddenly draped over us.

Link glanced at me from the corner of his eye, leaving them to reply to my stupid remark. I pulled my lips into my mouth and just walloped into myself.

"I don't think Lucian gave Nolan the job just because they are related," Link started to say. "Nolan is pretty good and he knows all the ins and outs of the main core of Lucian's mindset."

I mused over that and decided that Nolan would have made a strong candidate and Lucian placed a tremendous job on his hands so he would have to be very good. Extremely good.

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