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I shot up to my feet, knowing that if he loomed over me he would somehow have an advantage over me. It took me several seconds to regather my poise, and when I did, I took a massive step back

Trying to keep a fair distance away from him, I took in his whole appearance. His hair was styled backwards and he wore a dark long sleeved shirt that was pushed up to his elbow. His dark washed-out jeans hung slightly low and he had black combat boots on.

"What are you doing in my room?" I asked him slowly, keeping my eyes firmly on him.

Link arched one dark eyebrow at me. He acted as though it was perfectly normal to stroll inside my room with no invitation and pretended my hostile behaviour was a rude welcoming.

Link ignored my question and instead flicked his gaze towards my bed and then started to look around the entirety of my room, taking it in like an art exhibition. When he finished, he averted his gaze back to me, focusing on my attire this time.

"You're not planning to come to school today." He commented, shooting his eyes to my face.

Perhaps it was the dawning anxiety of having him near me or the fact that was alone with him - and this time in my own space - that caused me to inwardly crumble at his look. I started to shake, maybe out of anger or fear, but it caused a rush of wild emotions. I clenched my fist down my side and glared up at him.

"Don't you dare stand in my room and act as though you didn't do anything wrong you heartless human," I spat out at him, my voice dropping close to a slithering sneer. I could only imagine the crazed look in my eyes but it didn't faze him at all.

Link furrowed his eyebrows at my words, looking confused and it angered me further how he thought it was funny to act oblivious to everything. He looked around the room again, this time his gaze lingered more around the areas where there was the most blood.

He was probably thinking how I managed to clean it all in one night.

"Heartless?" Link finally echoed after me. When he turned to look at me again, I saw the coldness appear back in his eyes and then I started shaking, this time out of fear. An involuntary shiver coursed through me and I nearly fainted because the sudden change of demeanour was frightening.

"Get out of my house," I said in a small weak voice, managing to hold onto the last speck of courage.

"Heartless did you say?" He repeated. I knew he was fishing for some ammunition, to use anything else I say for him to strike out again.

"Please get out my room before I call-"

Link shoot me an icy look, almost daring me to finish the sentence but I couldn't. I held in my tears, realising that with every turn I took, he would always have the upper hand.

I cowered away, hoping that he could sense the defeat washing through me. He could take that as a prize and strut right out of here, but knowing Link, he wasn't going to settle on my crippled emotions.

He took a step in my direction before he paused and looked around the room again, this time, tilting his head upwards and eyeing the ceiling. I dared a quick glance up at the ceiling and saw that there was no blood there, only a faint hint of a red tint - but you could only see it if you were searching for it.

"Come to school today." Link said after a while, before he walked to the door.

"I'm not coming," I said after him. I regretted the words instantly because it invited for more conversation when all I wanted was to get rid of him.

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