Well then. HAPPY FMA DAY!!! Its ironic that I'm posted the FMA rant before today. Hmm...maybe I should have saved that rant for today. But oh well. Today is all about Steven Universe.

For those of you watching shit like Dog With a Blog (burn that show with fire and throw it into a volcano, I'd rather watch Teen Titans Go! rather than that dog and it's cliched cardboard cutout characters), Steven Universe is a series about, well, Steven Universe, a young half-gem living with alien humanoid "Crystal Gems", Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst while dealing with threats on Earth from their own planet, called the Homeworld. And if I say anymore than that....well, its the same case as Fullmetal Alchemist. Anymore and I'll spoil the fun for you. But I will say this: the show is incredibly influenced by shōjo and magical girl anime with themes of love, friendship, relationships, and topics that you wouldn't be able to see in a Disney Channel movie (I'm deeply sorry but it's true. Disney Channel has gotten way too safe. In a sense, they aren't taking enough risks.) And the creator of the show, Rebecca Sugar, making the plot amazing is a bonus. XD

Now we got the good out of the way, let's talk about the fandom. OH CHRIST PLEASE HELP THEM. Like I'm not joking. Only a small amount of people in that fandom have a grain of sense.

First off, Steven is the freaking main character in the show. In the fandom? Hardly talked about. Garnet, in the show, is a strong, wise leader and the physical representation of a strong relationship. In the fandom? "She's made up of lesbians lol" Pearl in the show had feelings for Steven's mother, Rose but is also shown as a perfectionist, graceful and cares greatly for Steven and tries to guide him through life the best way possible but in the fandom? "She's a thirsty bird and gay for Rose!!1!" Lapis in the show is a angry and depressed gem who was imprisoned and takes it out on others as well as making some questionable decisions. (Don't get me wrong, but I have my own reasons of loving Lapis.) In the fandom, she's just an innocent misunderstood cucumber and wants to become a Crystal Gem. In the show, Greg Universe, Steven's father, is an amazing parental in Steven's life and he's the one that kick started the events that lead to the show as well as just wanting to be there for his son. In the fandom? Doesn't exist. Amethyst...hmm, let's see, in the show....wild, and hilarious gem who's one of the main characters but also struggles with self-esteem and feeling like a mistake. In the fandom? Same case as Greg.

Are you starting to see what I'm talking about? If yes, GOOD. If not, let me explain. I could go on and on about the show and how the fandom takes it verses the actual thing. Some people like my friends appreciate the plot and characters as well as the animation. But sometimes, the fandom takes things too far, practically misunderstanding the characters and their intentions to the point of becoming far too preachy. Yeah, I said it. Preachy.

I'm not gonna go into what that means because that would spoil the show, and you have to see the show to fully fall in love with the characters and see just how idiotic the fandom is. I will warn you though, it is infamous for having a slow start. Don't let that fool you though, because you're going to have to get to know these characters before going into the actual plot. It's starts out as something for five year olds but as it progresses it does delve into a really good plot.

That's it for now! I haven't read any SU fanfics for a good reason so I didn't find it necessary to add that in there.

Anyway, comment below and let me know what you think! Vote if you liked it! :D

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