Let's face it people. We all know the deal. Crossovers are a fangirl's life. But they can also make or break a fandom depending on what you choose to combine.

When a fanfic fails to deliver on the promise of it being a match made in heaven, you get a million angry fans and one very irritated fanfic writer. Or if you want to get technical, ME.

You see, here's the thing. When we watch a really good series, us fanwarriors feel the need to be a part of that world. So we write fanfic. Some are well written, most are not. (I suddenly get why my World History teacher from HS mentioned Wattpad when talking about what we see as good and bad. Opps.)

Either way, a bad fanfic comes up in our feed and its an uproar of WHY WOULD YOU DESTROY THEM WITH YOUR BAD WRITING. But when a bad crossover comes up, you deal with not one, but multiple pissed off fandoms.

Why, you may be asking yourself. I'll tell you why. Because it's bad enough you mess up one world. You add another one and it's pretty much chaos. Like, I don't know any other way to put it. Majority of the Harry Potter x Twilight crossovers fall into this category. I'm sorry, how can you make a crossover with a story about wizards who have character and depth with vampires who are basically blank slates?!

There's a reason why some people don't like crossovers and think they are poison. It's because majority of the time, the logic of both different worlds don't make sense and in addition, because the characters aren't matched up/written properly, their personalities can't work off each other well enough.

And now, here's some advice from yours truly: (Don't worry, it'll be short. And you don't have to follow this. Take it with a grain of salt. XD):

Pro fanfic writing tip: If you want to write a crossover, think about how the characters will react around their new surroundings. This will be easier to stay in character and enable you to focus more on character development. Also, with crossovers (at least with me), the relationship between the characters is more important than you think because that forms the crux of your crossover.

Example: I'm going to use Mysterious Fates cause why not. There's point and time in the story where Subha and Hermione met Fairy Tail and the questions that should be coming to your head are these main three:

- How do you think they will react to the general antics of Fairy Tail?
-Which character will be able to bond with who?
-Which character will work off whom?

And this would lead into character similarities. Like, how Lucy, Erza and Levy's personalities are a mixture of Hermione but Erza can also put Zack in his place when necessary. Gray and Harry can find something in common with their pasts and maybe Gray can help Harry come to terms with Sirius' death like how Gray overcame Ur and Ultear's. (Natsu can come into this category as well but its give and take.) Those are just a few examples, if you're thinking about a Harry Potter and Fairy Tail crossover.

Which brings me to my next point: the worlds you're mashing up have to blend in naturally. Meaning, it can't be just like, "Oh look, I'm just gonna mash these guys together with no real meaning and care!" It'll look awkward and out out place. You, as a fanfic writer, have to figure out a way to blend in two different worlds so that one world doesn't seem out of place in another. Take Penance for example. It's mashing Fullmetal Alchemist and Harry Potter into one and it does that beautifully. The characters work off each other perfectly and what you would imagine if they truly were mashed together. (Actually...should I do one....eh, I'll think about it.)

Possibilities with characters are endless. You just need to know which one is the one you like.

Back to the rant: THE CHARACTERS THAT YOU MASH UP HAVE TO BE ABLE TO WORK OFF EACH OTHER. THE WORLDS THAT YOU MASH UP HAVE TO BE ABLE TO CORRELATE. What I mean by that, the lore of both or multiple worlds has to fit together. Otherwise, it'll be a huge mess, as I stated earlier.

I seriously hate crossovers that just don't make any sense, let alone be creative. You want to write a crossover? At least try to write a freaking story instead of saying, "so thiz is my harry potter x twilight crossover and i hope u like thiz i thought it was a gudd epic crossover!!!!!!!!"

Oh god. Typing that felt like I was lowering my own IQ to zero. I know most of you aren't like that, it's just an example so please don't murder me.

Also, the crossover have to make sense. But at the same time, if there's a crossover like say for example, Harry Potter x Powerpuff Girls, make it creative. If you do the impossible and actually make the characters work off each other and the combined lore and settings of both worlds make sense, then yeah, I'll definitely read your crossover.

And finally, if you by any chance want to attempt a crazy crossover like I'm doing, for the love of god, please set some time aside and put some thought into how everything is going to play out because it can easily fall apart if not done really well. Even now, I'm still making changes to mine and I even took out two fandoms because it didn't fit in the direction I'm taking it to. Plus, you know how long it took me to plan out my bloody fanfic? YEARS. IT TOOK FOUR YEARS AND IT WAS BEFORE I STARTED WATTPAD. Most of the scenes I planned in my head was due to soundtrack music. Yes, I mean instrumental. Mysterious Fates, as you see it on my profile, is a rewrite. A FREAKING REWRITE THAT I'M STILL UPDATING, WRITING, MODIFYING AND EDITING AS I PROGRESS THROUGH THE BOOK DESPITE HAVING A GENERAL SENSE OF WHERE I WANT TO TAKE THE STORY.

Now, I'm not trying to brag and say that my fanfic crossover will change anything. In fact, I'll be shocked if people even kinda find it remotely interesting, considering the number of fandoms (7) I have in that crossover. I'm just stating the fact that a lot of thought has to go into any story, fanfiction or not. And we have even more of an obligation as a fanfic writer because we're using characters and worlds that someone else created. Wouldn't it be more fair to the creator if we actually wrote a fanfic that stayed true to the personalities that they were created with? Sure, we're creating a different story using the same characters but at the same time, their personalities are the reason why we love a series in general. Plot and the world they create is one thing but if a story fails to breath quality into the characters, it won't be quite as good or believable. Also, their personalities aren't ours to change. (This is especially true for Lisanna Strauss. I'm just saying.)

Whew. Wow. How pissed off was I during this rant? XD Either way, the Gravity Falls rant is coming up next. It was supposed to come before this one but I posted a tip on how to do a crossover on Google+ and this was kind of an impromptu rant, similar to my anime rant. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

You guys can request on what you want me to rant on, although it'll take a while due to me starting college. If you guys are willing to wait, comment away on what you want me to rant on and vote if you like it!

Or vote if you don't want to die by reading My Immortal. Sayonara! :D

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