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Well then. Shall we get started?

SAO (short for Sword Art Online) is an anime that people are torn over whether its really good or rather really shitty. Then GGO (Gun Gale Online) came out. Same issue. Then SAO II came out. Same story.

My opinion on the series as of now: Eh.

Yeah. Its pretty much like "Its good, but not good enough to continue on" type of opinion for me. But the soundtrack is something that I would listen to, even if the show isn't up to par. The world they create is nice, but I heard people talk about better anime with a similar set up. My point is that I'll take their word for it.

But enough of that. Let's cut to the chase, since I'm counting on a shorter rant this time.

Kirito, is not as badass as some people made him out to be. Considering that he falls in love within just a few episodes (Thank you for the info, Wikipedia), I'm not a huge fan of under developed relationships. Asuna.....I really don't have an opinion on her.

Some people think its better than Twilight, some people think its worse. Again, it really depends. Then again, I think anything is better than Boku no Pico. *shudders* Please kill me if I have to see that anime again.

The fandom, however...I do have an opinion on. They are a little defensive when anyone talks shit about the anime or about Kirito and Asuna. They're like the Fairy Tail fandom to a lesser degree. Fanfics...um never read them, although I did see Fairy Tail and SAO crossovers. To that which I'll point you to my Crossovers rant cause I really don't feel like saying the same thing twice.

The person who requested this rant once said that the amount of time it takes Kirito to return to his apparent "harem" (I'll be very honest, I found the SAO memes that made fun of this hilarious) is less than the time it takes Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji to stab someone with cutlery.


Anyway, it's a shorter rant. I still hope you enjoyed it though. I used whatever knowledge I had about SAO and just ranted. I'm going to give it another chance before as some people say, "vomit as I watch it." Some may kill me for this but at this point, after hearing so many opinions, I just want to see for myself. Maybe not now, but sometime later in the year maybe.

And what do you think about SAO series? What else do you want me to rant on? Comment, let me know and vote if you liked it! :D Sayonara!

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