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Addie was typing like a mad woman on her phone. Between emailing clientele, texting Tyler and Vanessa about how the were doing, and texting Jamie, her fingers were moving unbelievably fast. She didn't look up until she was nearing Paisley's door. She would check if Paisley was home by seeing it there was light under the crack of the door. She froze when she saw her door open. She could hear men talking.

Addie ran into Paisley's apartment. Everyone in it froze. The men were staring at Addie. Was Paisley being robbed? Addie gave the men looks before she started calling for Paisley. Paisley heard her and lost all colour in her face. How did she forget to tell her best friend that she was moving out? Paisley took a deep breath, looking up at Val. He gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead. Addie walked into Paisley's nearly empty room as Paisley turned around.

"Holy shit, I thought you were being robbed!" Addie laughed. "What's going on? Fumigating?"

"Uh, no. Addie, can we talk?" Paisley bit her lip.

Addie took in her bedroom. Everything was being packed up. Addie's brows furrowed. She looked all around her. Her eyes finally settled on Val. He was giving her an apologetic look. Paisley touched Addie's arm to lead her out of the room. Addie snapped her arm away. Paisley was fucking moving. The men throughout her house were part of a moving company service. Addie's eyes slowly came back to Paisley, who was staring at the ground.

"I'm moving in with Val." Paisley breathed.

"And you didn't think to tell me?" Addie cried.

"It slipped my mind." Paisley sighed.

"Whatever, Paisley." Addie laughed, turning on her heel.

"Addie, come on!" Paisley called, following her out. "It's not a big deal!"

Addie spun around when they got to the hallway. "Yes it is! We've lived across the hall from each other since we moved here and you're suddenly just leaving me?" Her eyes were watering.

"I'm not going far!" Paisley tried to defend.

"It's not even that you're going, Pais. You didn't even tell me." Addie frowned.

"I didn't think you'd notice since you're always with Jamie." Paisley spat.

Addie's face twisted. "Fuck you." She hissed before turning on her heel once again.

"Ads, I'm sorry! I didn't wanna upset you and ruin your time with him!" Paisley called after her.

"It's too late, I'm upset." Addie stated.

Addie walked up to Jamie's door. Paisley watched her. Addie knocked. She would usually walk right in but she just didn't. He opened the door and furrowed his brows at her. She just looked up at him before she burst into tears. Paisley could feel herself getting choked up. Jamie wrapped his arms around Addie, kissing the top of her head. He brought her into his apartment.

He sat on the couch with her in his lap. She wasn't talking. She had her face covered as she cried into his chest. She uncovered her face to wrap her arms around Jamie, then buried her face in his chest. He just held her, rubbing her back to calm her down. Addie never did this. He wasn't entirely sure what to do. He just kept pressing his lips to the top of her head. Her body was violently shaking as she cried. It was scaring Jamie a bit.

"Baby, talk to me." He whispered.

She sat up so he could see her face. "Paisley's moving in with Val and she never told me." She sobbed.

"Isn't that a happy thing?" He asked, rubbing her back.

"I'm so happy for her and Val, but why did she keep it from me?" She pouted, looking up at Jamie.

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