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It had been five months and three weeks since Vanessa showed up crying at Tyler's door step. They now had a brand new baby boy named Gabriel Paul Seguin. Vanessa was really stressed out about whether or not she should put her own last name on his birth certificate too, but Tyler nipped that. A nurse came into Vanessa's room with Gabe. Gabe had a note resting against his chest. Vanessa furrowed her brows at it before she picked up up. It was in Tyler's chicken scratch. She laughed a bit as she started to read it.

It was going on about how Gabe's daddy was so happy that he got to share being a parent with her of all people. It was rambling on about how much he loved and cared about her in Gabe's point of view. She was smiling as she read it. Then she got to the ending. Tyler was watching her through the small window in the door. Her expression changed when she read his final question. It was Gabe asking her to marry his daddy and assure they'll be a family forever. Tyler walked in and knelt down beside her bed. She looked over at him, crying.

"So, what do you say?" Tyler chuckled, his eyes watering. Vanessa was just shaking her head in disbelief. "Don't keep the little guy waiting. Or the big guy." He pointed to himself.

She started laughing a bit. "Of course I'll marry you." She sobbed.

He shot up, kissing her mouth. He was careful of Gabe in her arms. He slid the ring on her hand that was resting against Gabe. He tucked his finger into Gabe's hand.

"She said yes. Your plan worked." Tyler teased, kissing his son. "I really love you, Ness. And the next big goon here."

"He is not being a goon. Shut up." She shook her head.

The next year, Tyler and Vanessa were Mister and Misses Seguin. They went on a honeymoon. Back to Barbados. Aunt Addie and Uncle Jamie got stuck with Gabe going through his stubborn phase. They watched him for the week their friends were gone. The little shit would only listen to Addie. Jamie was so frustrated. But at around eight every night, Gabe would curl up next to Jamie on the couch and fall asleep. Jamie didn't complain about him not listening that much.

It had been a year since then. Tyler and Vanessa were just coming up on their second anniversary. Val and Paisley were on their third house, well, Paisley was unaware of it. Val had been looking quietly. And Addie and Jamie were finally moving out of their tiny apartment into a giant house. That meant a dog for Addie. That meant a man cave for Jamie. Since Tyler had been given an assistant captain title, he and Jamie were a lot busier than usual. Jamie was always busy but Addie was used to it by now. She was just as busy. Vanessa was busy with Gabe too. She didn't care about Tyler being gone. He always made it up to them.

Val was the lone man with the group. Well, Gabe was there as well. Sometimes Paisley would stare at him and question herself. She thought Val was just some kid when he was only nineteen, but she never realized he didn't have the features of a normal nineteen year old boy. And now that he was nearing twenty three, he was even more manly. Paisley had really lucked out with Val.

Val was easily carrying Gabe in one arm. He was able to walk, he just loved Uncle Val. Probably because of his accent. Val promised he was gonna teach Gabe Russian as he got older. Vanessa just let him do as he pleased. They were at some outdoor fair type thing on a farm. There were little knick knacks and clothes being sold everywhere. Addie was glad she had some self control because eighteen year old Addie would have purchased everything. Val handed Gabe off to Vanessa when his phone began to ring. He pecked Gabe's cheek as he walked away.

"Okay, honey!" Paisley called behind him, shaking her head.

Addie spotted a bunch of puppies running around in an enclosed area. A smile spread across her face. She grabbed Gabe from Vanessa. He started playing with her nose ring. She let him as she walked over to the dogs. He started cheering for the puppies. She set him down outside the closed off area. He was taller than the barrier. One hopped up and licked his face. She facetimed Jamie. He had been against a dog but she knew this would convince him. He answered looking sweaty.

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