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The five days they had together went by too quickly. It was the following Tuesday and Jamie was annoyed. Addie was back at work for eight hours a day. He missed her. He understood though. This was how their entire relationship had been. He was usually the one gone though. She came home that night to him cooking her dinner. She smiled, sitting down at the island. They talked about her work for a bit.

"So, uh, I think I'm gonna head back to Victoria." He explained.

"Oh, why's that?" She frowned a bit.

"I'm having a great time hanging out with you, I always do. I just think I'm in the way." He told her, turning to face her.

"How could you possibly be in the way, Jame?" She scoffed.

"You need to focus on work and I'm here, trying to get your time." He rolled his eyes.

She stood up, walking over to him. "I used to do that to you. It's okay." She smiled, wrapping her arms around him. "If you think going home is for the best, then that's fine." She rubbed his back.

"Victoria isn't my home." He argued. "My home is here with you."

She smiled, kissing him. "You're the sweetest." She hummed against his lips.

The next day, Addie came home from work around five. They ate dinner together before Addie took a shower and then drove Jamie to the airport. He had a later flight. They sat in the airport together. She was cuddled into him for most of the time. His flight was called and they separated. He let out a long breath when they reached his gate.

"See you soon?" He asked.

She nodded, smiling. "FaceTime me when you land." She told him before she kissed him.

"Come down for my birthday?" He whispered, kissing her neck.

"I wouldn't miss your birthday." She promised, kissing his jaw. "I love you."

"I love you too." He said, pulling her in for a long kiss.

"Be safe." She called, waving as he walked off.

The next day, Jamie woke up to Jordie knocking on his door. Jordie wanted to hear about his brother's trip. Jamie made coffee while Jordie chatted his ear off. They had only been apart for two weeks and he was acting like it was years. Jamie slid a mug over to Jordie. He grabbed the things his brother needed for his coffee.

"Alright, so do you want to hear about it or are you gonna keep talking?" Jamie cut him off.

Jordie nodded. "Let me hear it."

"We only spent a couple days together because she was working like crazy." Jamie explained.

"That's shitty." Jordie frowned. "Anything else happen?"

Jamie shrugged. "I figured out I wanna marry her."

Jordie choked on his coffee. "Are you fucked?" He gasped.

Jamie shook his head. "I love her and I can't imagine being with anyone else." He stated.

"Chubbs, it's only been a coup,"

"When you know, you know, right?" Jamie stopped him. "And I know I want to marry her."

"Maybe think about this a bit more." Jordie sighed. "I don't know if that's a great idea."

"I've thought about it plenty, Jord." Jamie rolled his eyes. "Why isn't it a great idea? Because I'd be married before you?"

"What?" Jordie laughed. "I don't care if you get married before me, you just have a lot to think about."

"Like what?" Jamie hollered.

"Like your career!" Jordie argued. "A captaincy doesn't make you untouchable, Jamie. Trades happen."

"I'm sure she'd be willing t,"

"See, that's another thing you have to think about. Her career. Her feelings." Jordie growled. "Maybe actually talk to your girlfriend before deciding to propose. See where she's at in the relationship. Just hold off for a bit."

Jamie nodded. "Yeah. I need to be fair to Addie too."

Jordie agreed. "That's all I want you to do. Don't dive head first into something you don't know is reciprocated."

The next few days were back to the same old for Addie. She would work until three, or five, depending on what kind of day she had, then she would go home, eat something, and continue to work. The summer was always the busiest for the company. Being in charge of everything limited her freedom. She didn't have much time to herself between being swamped in the summer with work and being swamped with school the rest of the year. It amazed her she managed to work out a relationship with Jamie when she never had free time.

She had a knock on her door around eight thirty one night. She got up from her couch, munching on some chips as she walked over. She looked through the peak hole. Vanessa was grinning at the door. Addie whipped the door open, leaping into her friend's arms. She wrapped her legs around Vanessa's waist. Tyler walked in behind them as Vanessa led them to the couch. She dropped Addie onto her back, falling on top of her.

"You're so tan. I'm the pasty one now." Addie whined as they pulled apart.

"For once." Vanessa laughed. "How are things?"

"Boring. All I do is work." Addie huffed, sitting up. "Hi, Tyler." She smiled, hugging him.

"Chubbs came down for a bit, I thought?" Tyler spoke as they pulled apart.

"He did, and I worked. I'm the worst girlfriend ever." She sighed.

"He's never around because of his job. You're both terrible." Tyler teased.

"Okay, enough about me. Tell me all about your trip!" Addie exclaimed, turning her body towards them more.

"It was so beautiful, Addie." Vanessa cooed. "Tyler was so good to me." She said, leaning back into him.

"Because that's what you deserve." He beamed, kissing the top of her head.

"It must have been a great trip. You're glowing." Addie taunted.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. "Shut up."

"When are Father and Mother Russia back?" Tyler asked, wandering into the kitchen.

"They're coming back for Jamie's birthday." Addie thought. "I was thinking we could all go to Victoria and do something for him." She chewed on her lip.

"Of course we can." Tyler agreed. "What were you thinking?"

"That you guys could not tell Jamie you're coming down, and I'll go and you guys can straight up just ignore him for a bit. Then I'll get Jordie to rent out that little bar Jamie swears by and we can have a huge party there for him with the team and everyone and just surprise him." She explained, playing with the couch.

"I think that'll be great." Vanessa squeezed Addie's hand. "Jamie probably won't even care if we don't talk to him for a bit. As long as you do."

Addie rolled her eyes. "I just hope Jordie and I can pull this off."

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