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Addie was all smiles when she spotted Jamie walking towards her. He was smiling too. He sat his carry on down and wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped hers around his neck, dangling above the ground. He leaned away a bit and pressed his lips to hers, then set her on her feet. She gave Jordie a hug as well. The couple held hands and walked over to the luggage claim. They were just catching up with each other.

Once Jamie's luggage came, they walked to his car that had been parked in the airport parking lot for weeks. He missed his baby. Referring to his car, and Addie. He took Jordie to his apartment, then he drove himself and Addie home. Addie stayed over at his place. They just laid around in his bed, talking. They did this a lot.

The next week pissed Jamie off. Every time he asked Addie to do something, she was busy. She was always going on with Val and Paisley, or was already out with them. Jamie felt like she was avoiding him. But he didn't know why she'd be doing that. They alternated between whose apartment they stayed at every night, but Jamie woke up to Addie already up and gone some mornings. It was frustrating him.

Jordie was annoyed too. With his brother. Every work out they had, Jamie was whining about something. Jordie listened while he did his reps. Jamie was being a baby. He was in experiencing love for the first time and he wanted to spend all his time with Addie because of that. It was completely understandable, but Addie was allowed to have her own life. Jamie didn't need to be in every part of it. And Jordie was about to let him know that.

"Alright, enough." Jordie said, setting some weights down. "You're being a giant kid."

"Because I want to spend time with my girlfriend?" Jamie spat.

"Because you think she can only spend time with you." Jordie corrected. "You love each other, it's a fact, and it's not gonna change because she isn't spending every second of her life with you."

"I didn't think that." Jamie poured.

"You left her for months to go to Victoria. She wasn't gonna sit around and do nothing. And she shouldn't have to sit around and do nothing now because you're home. Ask to hang out with them once!" Jordie exclaimed.

"She's never invited me." Jamie frowned.

"Because she figured you'd know you're always welcome." Jordie shook his head. "She's hanging out with Val and Paisley, why wouldn't you be invited? Use that big ass head God gave you once in a while."

Jordie knocked on Jamie's head. Jamie smacked his hand away. Jamie was not being a child. Jordie didn't know what he was talking about. Jamie finished his workout in silence. He got home, showered, and then laid around in just shorts for the rest of the day. Addie came walking in around nine thirty. He was lying on the couch. She walked over, leaning down to kiss him.

"How was your day, baby?" She smiled.

"Boring." He stated.

"Mine was good. Val and Paisley are always fun." She sighed, sitting on the edge of the couch available near his pelvic.

"You know what's funny?" He chuckled.

"What?" She asked, turning towards him a bit.

"I'm like a one night stand to you." He spat. Her brows furrowed. "You have fun with your friends all day, then always come to me at night, then you're back out with your friends the next day."

Her face twisted. "That's fucked." She hissed. "I work eight to nine hours a day. I go out with my friends after work because you never ask me to do anything. Until I'm already out."

"You never ask me either! You've never once invited me out!" He cried.

"You're my boyfriend! You don't need an invite, you're always welcome!" She hollered. "And at least I'm coming home to you, would you rather it be someone else?"

They just stared at each other. She shook her head and then stood up, grabbing her things. He didn't say a word, he just kept his eyes on the TV. She slammed the door behind her when she walked out. He glanced at the door before he growled. Jordie was right and Jamie didn't listen, now Addie wasn't gonna spend any time with him at all.

Tyler was home the next day and Addie couldn't be happier. She got one of her cars to take her to the airport and pick him up. He was already whining about being surrounded by couples. That's when she told him all about her fight was Jamie. Tyler told her to just give Jamie time to realize his mistake. Addie hopped that would be the case. She spent the next few days with Tyler. She was bringing back a bowl of popcorn when he let out a long sigh.

"You know what sucks?" He said, looking at Addie as she plopped on the couch next to him.

"You?" She smirked.

"No, that Vanessa is all the way in Toronto. I just wanna spoil her and I can't do that when she's so far away." He huffed.

"Ask her to move here when she's done school." Addie shrugged.

"In like three more years." He laughed.

Her brows furrowed. "She didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" He asked, nervous.

"She has like half a semester left because she's a genius and went to school way early." She explained.

"Are you fucking with me, Addison?" He spat.

"I swear to god, Ty." She put her hands up in defence.

"I need to talk to her." He shot up, pulling his phone from his pocket.

He opened the door and Jamie was standing there. Addie let out a silent sigh, nodding at Tyler, who was giving her a look to see if Jamie could come in. Jamie stepped in and Tyler stepped out, dialing Vanessa number. Jamie swallowed hard, standing by the door. Addie got up and walked over to the door, pressing her ear against it.

"Addie, I'm really sorry." Jamie sighed. She didn't respond. "I was a complete dick and you didn't deserve that. I was just being a ch,"

She pressed her lips to his. "I forgive you and I'm sorry too. Now press your ear to this door and eavesdrop with me."

He smiled, doing as asked. Tyler was making small talk at first. He was making her laugh, Addie could tell by the way he sounded so happy. She also had Jamie look through the peephole and saw Tyler with the biggest grin. He told her how much he missed her and cheesy things like that. Addie was pretending to gag.

"I need to ask you something." He took a deep breath. "Addie mentioned you're graduating early, why didn't you tell me?"

"It just isn't something that's that important." Vanessa brushed it off.

"That's a lie. Your education is so important to you." He argued. "What's the real reason, Ness?"

She took a deep breath. "I was scared you'd ask me to move in with you." She confessed.

"Why would living with me be such a bad thing?" He asked, clearly hurt.

"It's not living with you that would be bad, it's living so far away." She explained. "I grew up really close to my family and so sheltered and you're like nothing I've ever experienced before. It's new and it's terrifying and I don't know if I could leave my family."

"You can't do one thing for me?" He spat.

"Tyler, I've done lots for you. I took a week off school to take care of you when you were hurt." She hissed.

"I drove to Toronto every day for a month to see you." He growled.

"You chose to do that!" She exclaimed. "Can we please not fight over this? We can talk m,"

"No, we can't talk more." He ended the call at that.

He turned to the door. Jamie and Addie ran to the couch, getting into cuddling positions as fast as possible. Tyler walked back into the apartment. Addie acted shocked that he was so upset. She slowly stood up, walking over to him. He was on the brink of tears. She frowned, hugging him. He asked quietly if they could talk in her room. She nodded, letting him walk ahead. She frowned at Jamie, giving him a kiss before she followed behind Tyler.

Tyler went off to Addie. She just nodded and listened and attempted to give input. He finally finished venting and went home. Addie went to sit with her boyfriend but she got a call from Paisley. Vanessa had called her and vented about the same thing. The two talked for a bit before deciding to tell both to just grow up and talk it out.

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