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Addie took a deep breath. She knocked on Jamie's door. She heard him holler that he'd be there in a second. She felt her stomach drop. She could run right now. Her apartment was only next door. She turned towards it and saw Paisley watching from her doorway. Paisley started mouthing threats to her and gesturing across her throat with a single finger. Addie frowned. Paisley was an asshole.

Jamie's door opened. Paisley jumped into her apartment and shut the door. Addie spun around to face him. He was smiling down at her. His dimples were the first thing she noticed, then his perfect teeth. They couldn't be real. Her eyes met his. His soft, brown, puppy dog eyes. She smiled at him. His eyes dropped her gaze as he looked her over. He took a deep breath.

"You look really amazing." He broke the silence.

She rolled her eyes, looking down. That's when she saw what was on him. He had an apron on. It was a Dallas apron. He had the matching gloves on his hands, along with the potholder in the pocket of his apron. Addie looked him over before she burst into laughter. He sighed, smiling a bit. She covered her mouth to hide her laughing. He crossed his arms, waiting for her fit to stop. She took a deep breath.

"You look great too." She teased.

He rolled his eyes. "Okay, wise ass. Are you planning on coming in or just standing in the doorway all night?" He asked, walking into the kitchen of his apartment.

Addie stepped inside. She closed the door behind her, taking her shoes off at the door. She looked around for somewhere to put them. No shoe rack. Such a typical guy. She tucked them next to the door. She looked around his apartment. The layout was identical to hers. His was just a lot more bare. He had a couch, two giant Lazy Boys, two side tables, a coffee table, and a giant entertainment system. She shook her head. He had no pictures or anything.

"Your apartment is kind of depressing." She smirked, walking into the kitchen.

"Tell me about it." He laughed as he stirred something in a pot. "I'm barely here so I haven't had time to make it my own."

Addie nodded, looking around his kitchen. It was open concept so his table was right next to it. He had set it so nicely. There was only two placements and they were across from each other. But he has candles, and roses resting on his table. Her eyes wandered around the room. Bare walls. Her eyes reached his fridge. There were pictures on it and magnets. So he wasn't a robot! She looked them over.

"You're pretty nosy." He smiled at her.

She shrugged. "I try to figure people out by their homes, but if I wasn't standing here with you, I'd assume you were dead."

He let out a laugh. "I'm very much alive and I'm the one cooking, so watch what you're saying." He warned.

She smiled, hopping into the counter beside him. "What are we having?" She leaned over a bit to look into the pot.

He put the lid down. "My mom's homemade ravioli." He chimed.

"How do you make homemade ravioli?" She furrowed her brows.

"Stuff some pasta." He explained.

"So she just like makes it and then sends it to you?" She questioned.

Jamie nodded. "I'm a mama's boy."

"I'm not really close with my parents." She frowned. "They're both such snobs and always trying to set me up with rich guys that are the furthest thing from interested in me."

"Why do you say that?" He cocked a brow.

"They're one hundred percent gay." She giggled. "Which is cool, love is love, but they aren't interested in what I've got going on."

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