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"Man, it's fine. Just ease up." Jamie tried to calm his teammate down.

Antoine Roussel was definitely the most aggressive of the group that was out right now. He wasn't even dating either of the girls that were with them, but if any random looked at them, he'd call them out. Addie had tried to tell him to leave it. Yeah, she was with Jamie, but these guys were only looking. No one had approached her or Paisley, offering them drinks or suggesting they get out of there. Everything was really fine.

But Antoine was intoxicated and doing the most. He had pulled up a chair to sit at the end of their booth. He had it turned to face the club. He would call out any guy that looked past him on either side. Addie was to his right while Paisley was to the left. Addie took a deep breath, reaching out to grab his arm. He looked at her in confusion.

"Come with me to get some shots. You need them." Addie sighed, starting to slide to the end of the booth.

Jamie stood so she could get out. He mouthed a 'thank you' to her. She nodded, squeezing Jamie's hand. She wrapped her arm around Antoine's as the walked to the bar. They found two stools and sat to wait. Antoine was still on watch. Addie growled. He looked over at her wide eyed.

"Is someone bugging you?" He looked behind her.

"Yes, you!" She exclaimed. He looked defeated. She grabbed his hands. "We're out to have a good time. You don't need to play bodyguard here, it's not a hockey game."

"I know. I just never see Jamie with girls he actually likes that we actually like as well and I don't want someone to come scoop you up." He explained.

Addie was stumped for a minute. "I'm not," She took a deep breath. "I like Jamie. You don't need to worry about me leaving him for someone else because I wouldn't."

Antoine nodded. "Good. He likes you a lot."

"Plus, wouldn't it be a little weird living right near him?" She teased.

He laughed. The pair sat at the bar. They grabbed some shots along with drinks and just talked. Addie wanted to get to know all of Jamie and Tyler's teammates and friends. It was something that was important to her. Antoine was a really good guy. He was just angry a lot. He was making jokes and teasing Addie while they say together. They even did some people watching as they talked. That was before he exploded.

"Hey, buddy." He spat, looking past Addie.

She turned and there was a guy eyeing her body. She turned back to Antoine. "It's okay. Let's just go back to the booth." She attempted to calm him.

"It's not okay." He shook his head. "You can see she's sitting here with someone, show a little respect."

"I was respecting her." The guy shrugged. "Respecting her legs. I'd love to see them wrapped around my neck."

Addie exhaled, standing up. She was shorter than Antoine but she was standing in front of him. "Let's just go. He's not worth either of us getting worked up over. He's a pig." She place one of her hands on his chest and the other wrapped around his bicep.

"I was just complimenting you, you little bitch." The guy hissed at Addie.

She squeezed her eyes shut as Antoine tensed up. "That's not a compliment, you prick. That's called harassment." He stepped past Addie. She held onto his arm. "Addie, go back to the table." He said through gritted teeth.

"Antoine, why are you looking to start a fight? It's not worth it." She cried.

"Please go back to Jamie." Antoine's voice softened towards her.

She let go off his arm with a frown. He and the guy were standing across from each other with scowls on their faces. She let out a long breath as she grabbed her drink. She squeezed Antoine's hand before walking off. She could still hear them yelling back and forth. When she got back to the booth with a sad look on her face, Jamie pulled her into his side. She cuddled into him. She was thankful for Antoine but she didn't want him getting into anything because of her.

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