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Addie smiled as she walked over to Jamie. He was picking her up from the airport. He pulled her into his arms, kissing her forehead. She hugged him. She leaned back and he kissed her lips. She smiled into the kiss. It had been a month since she last saw him. She missed him.

They waited for her luggage and he talked her ear off. Jamie wasn't much of a talker, unless he was with her. She just listened, giving input when required. He carried her bags to his car, tossing them into the trunk. He drove them to his Victoria apartment. He had one in Kelowna that he planned to take her to as well.

"So, twenty six?" She smirked. "Getting up there."

He rolled his eyes. "We have a three year difference. Relax."

"What will we be doing for your birthday?" She asked, resting her head on the seat.

"Probably some nice dinner, your treat. We'll have to hang out with my parents at some point." He huffed.

"No banger?" She furrowed his brows.

"None of my friends live here." He chuckled.

"Fine. Just Addie and Jamie time then." She smiled, squeezing his hand.

Jamie was less than aware that plenty of his friends were in Victoria. Her and Jordie had been planning for a while and had managed to get most of his friends to fly here. Addie had flown down with the girls and most of the Dallas Stars. They would all be avoiding Jamie in all ways until they came to him birthday party. His surprise party.

Addie had been down for a few days with Jamie. She got to hang out with his family. He took her golfing, and they did a bunch of other things he loved to do. This trip was all about him. She was happy making sure he was happy.

The eve of his birthday, they spent the night in. They were cuddled up in bed while they watched TV. Jamie had golf on. Addie didn't argue, she just cuddled into his side. She was watching more than he was. As the minutes ticked down to minute, Jamie was becoming anxious. He wouldn't put his phone down. Addie was watching the clock. She knew it was nearly midnight. When Jamie's body shifted, she knew it was close. She straddled him as the clock hit midnight.

"Happy birthday, baby." She breathed, pressing her lips to his. "Do you want your gift now," She pulled off her shirt to reveal her bare chest. "Or later?"

Jamie didn't answer, he just brought his lips to hers.

After Addie gave Jamie his gift, and then some. They showered together. He got even more of a gift in there. They weren't settled back in bed until nearly three in the morning. Jamie was laying in bed, nothing but boxers on. Addie had a night time routine before she came to bed. She came back to him tossing his phone. She frowned as he poured and crossed his arms.

"What's wrong?" She cooed, crawling in next to him.

"I've gotten like ten birthday wishes, none being from my close friends." He spat. "I get Tyler's in love or whatever but we were together first."

Addie giggled. "Are you jealous that Tyler found a girlfriend?" She teased.

"No, I'm just mad I didn't get a happy birthday." He huffed.

"It's late. Maybe he's asleep." She suggested, pulling the blankets up to her shoulders.

"He better be or he's dead tomorrow." He warned, pulling the blankets over himself.

"We're gonna be too busy for you to kill anyone tomorrow." She laughed, wrapping her arms around his waist.

He let out a long sigh, pulling her close. "I love you, you're the best."

She smiled, pecking his lips. "I know."

Addie kept Jamie busy the next day. She spoiled him. It was her boy's birthday and she wasn't gonna let anyone forget that. Jordie and the rest of the group were setting everything up for her. She was so thankful for Jordie. They were at dinner when Jordie told her everything was ready. She was suddenly nervous.

"What do you say about going to that bar you love when we're done?" She suggested, rubbing his arm.

"Doesn't matter to me." He shrugged, eating some of his food.

"Jame, don't be so grumpy." She growled.

"None of my friends wished me a happy birthday. Am I a complete loser?" He whined.

"Yes!" She exclaimed. He glared at her. "But you're my loser, and who cares about anyone else? Today is your day and I'm here, trying to give you a good birthday and you're being so difficult!"

"We can go to the bar. I need a drink anyways." He exhaled. "Thank you for making today the best birthday."

"You don't even know what's still to come." She teased.

"I don't know if I can handle more after last night." He shook his head.

"Not that!" She groaned. "I have other tricks up my sleeve."

"I'm pretty sure you said that last night." He grinned.

"I hate you." She laughed.

They finished dinner. They walked to Jamie's car, hand in hand. They were going to go home and drop Jamie's car off, then take a cab to the bar. Addie told Jamie that she was buying his drinks all night. He wanted to change but she stopped him from doing that. She made up an excuse about not wanting to waste the night. He bought it. He'd buy anything coming from Addie.

She sent Jordie a text that they were heading over now as they left the apartment. She could tell Jamie was really down. She understood why. He thought, like everyone, had forgot his birthday. He had no idea what was in store for him. They pulled up to the bar. It was dark. Jamie let out a long sigh.

"It's fucking closed." He growled.

Addie shook her head. "Come on." She said, grabbing his hand.

She tossed some money to the driver who took off as soon as she closed the door. She walked over to the bar doors. Jamie was pleading with her to just leave it. He was convinced today was the worst day. She grabbed the door handle and slowly pulled it open. She turned and cocked a brow at Jamie. She walked in. He groaned and then chased after her. It was pitch black in the bar.

"Addison!" He hollered, walking deeper into the bar. "Addie, this isn't fun,"

The lights flicked on and everyone shot up, hollering surprise. A smile broke across Jamie's face as he started hugging everyone in his bath. He was asking them who planned this and everyone told him Jordie sent them. Jamie came up to Tyler, who pounced into his arms. Tyler kissed his forehead before hopping out of his arms. Jamie kept making his way to everyone. He got to Jordie and pulled him into a big hug.

"Thanks, man." He mumbled as he patted his brother's back.

"This was all Addie. I just made her vision happen." Jordie explained as they broke apart.

Jamie looked around for his girlfriend. She was standing with a smirk near the fire exit. He walked over, snaking his arms around her waist. He pecked her lips, lifting her as he did so. She held onto his neck. He pulled away, still holding her up. She brushed her fingers through his hair. He couldn't believe how lucky he was.

"You're the most amazing girl I have ever met." He stated, setting her on her feet. "I don't know how I was lucky enough to end up with you, but I don't ever wanna lose you."

She grabbed his face, kissing him. "I love you, Jamie Benn."

"I am in love with you, Addie." He told her, pressing his lips to her forehead. "Thank you for everything."

"Stop being lame and go take some shots." She teased, kissing his nose.

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