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Paisley laid in her bed, staring at the ceiling. She didn't want to get up from her bed. She didn't want to deal with today. She couldn't even tell if anyone remembered what today was. Everyone had been having hectic lives lately, she wouldn't be surprised. Addie sent her a text saying she was coming over. She sighed. Why was she even up? There was a knock on her bedroom door a minute later.

"Yeah." Paisley sighed.

Addie opened the door slowly. "Wanna come over?"

"What?" Paisley laughed.

"I made you breakfast. Your favourite." Addie smiled.

"Scrambled eggs?" Paisley asked, getting a nod from Addie. "Bacon?" Another nod. "Potatoes?" Nod. "Crunchy avocado toast?" A final nod.

"And a vanilla iced coffee." Addie sang.

"Jesus, okay." Paisley exhaled as she shot up. "I'm not getting dressed."

Addie snorted, opening the door to show what she was wearing. She had a giant Kelowna Rockets shirt on with the side tucked into her spandex shorts with mismatched socks. Paisley laughed. She was wearing a Texas Stars shirt with loose, pajama shorts. She put on her Birkenstocks before they walked across the hall to Addie's apartment. Paisley could smell the bacon.

"Smells so good." Paisley moaned.

Addie just smirked. She had her little island set. Paisley sat in the spot she always sat in. She noticed there were three plates set. Paisley let out a silent sigh. Of course Jamie would be coming. Paisley forgot about it. She wasn't gonna say anything when Addie had done this much for her. Addie started placing things on Paisley's plate. She looked past Paisley then back to her pan.

"How do you like your eggs?" Addie asked, turning back to her stove.

"Sunny side." A Russian voice boomed.

Paisley spun around. Val was standing in the kitchen doorway smiling. She shot up and leaped into his arms. Her legs were around his waist while her arms wrapped around his neck. She kissed his neck before she sat back. He was smiling. She grabbed his face and kissed his lips. He set her back down on her stool and sat next to her. Addie smacked an egg in Val's plate and then the rest of the meal. She plated her food and then sat down. Paisley was all smiles.

"When did you get in?" Paisley looked to Val.

"Too early." Addie groaned.

"You picked him up?" Paisley gasped. Addie nodded as she chewed. "You are the best friend I could ask for."

"Yeah, happy birthday." Addie smirked, then she gasped. She shot up and ran out of the kitchen. She came back with a wrapped box. "Open it."

"What is it?" Paisley cocked a brow.

"You need to not ask questions and open it quickly." Addie stated.

Paisley gave her a look but did as told. She lifted the lid and her jaw dropped. There was a tiny pug puppy sitting in the box. Paisley lifted it out of the box and hugged it into her chest. It wagged it's tail and licked her face. She pouted at Addie.

"His name's Dexter, he's already fixed and has all his needles." Addie told her. "And he's a fucking pug."

"Ugly." Val snorted.

Paisley glared at him. "Look Dex in the eyes and tell him he's ugly."

Val sighed, setting down his fork. He turned to look Dexter in the eyes. "Вы уродливые." He grinned.

Paisley growled, turning away from him. Addie just smiled as she ate. "What did he say?" She asked.

"He called him ugly in Russian." Paisley spat, glaring at Val.

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