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Jamie was anxious. He hadn't seen Addie in a couple days. Their schedules had just been conflicting. When he texted her, asking if she was home, and got a yes, he could feel the excitement building. He smiled the entire ten minutes he took to get ready. He smiled walking next door to her apartment. He was still smiling as he stood out front of her door. He knocked and took a deep breath.

A blonde opened the door. She had glasses and a big smile on her face. She looked up at Jamie and her smile turned into a smirk. She looked over her shoulder.

"Addison, your boyfriend is here!" The blonde called as she stepped out of the way. Her hand was still resting on the door but there was room for Jamie to come in. "I think she's in the bathroom or something. Come in."

Jamie nodded and walked inside. He just stood near the couch. The blonde closed the door and walked into the kitchen. That had to be the girl Tyler was seeing. She was blonde and Addie's friend. Jamie was pretty sure Addie only had two friends, not that he had many more. Addie came around the corner, wiping her hands on her pants. Her face lit up when she saw Jamie.

"Hey, I hope Vanessa didn't bug you too much." Addie teased as she walked over to him.

"Nope, she was a nice hostess." He smiled, leaning down to give Addie a kiss.

She kissed him back, resting a hand on his chest. She pulled him into the kitchen. "Vanessa is my best friend from Brampton, so is Paisley, but Vanessa didn't move out here with us." She explained as Vanessa faced them and nodded along.

"Tyler's girl, right?" Jamie grinned at Vanessa, extending a hand.

Vanessa shook Jamie's hand while rolling her eyes. "Nice to meet you, Jamie."

Jamie was a little upset. He had come to spend alone time with his girl and they couldn't even be alone. Addie took him back into the living room and told him to sit down while she got them some drinks. That's when his plan went into action. He sent Tyler a text, begging him to take Vanessa out. He even offered to pay. It wasn't like he was ruining the surprise. He had shown up at his house to a giant box, which Vanessa was hiding in. Tyler agreed but turned down the money. He had enough of his own.

Vanessa walked out of the kitchen, along with Addie. They were talking about how Tyler had just randomly texted Vanessa, telling her to get ready. Vanessa and Addie went separate ways. Vanessa walked down the hall to the bedrooms and bathroom while Addie walked over to the couch Jamie was sitting on. His arm was draped along the back of it, waiting for Addie to sit beside him. She did. He rested his arms along her shoulders. She handed him his drink.

"You're pretty sneaky, huh?" Addie spoke as she leaned forward.

"What do you mean?" Jamie questioned.

"Getting Tyler to come pick up Vanessa." She bumped him. "Sneaky but sweet." She smiled up at him.

He played dumb. "I did no such thing."

"Yeah, whatever." She laughed, cuddling into him and resting her head on his shoulder.

"So, you know how Christmas is in a couple days?" He hummed. She nodded against him. "I was thinking that tonight, you could come sit in my suite and then we could go out after to exchange gifts."

"Perfect. I can cheer for my home team." She teased.

"Absolutely not." He growled.

"I'll wear my Kessel jersey." She smirked.

"I take my offer back. Buy your own seat." He huffed, crossing his arms

"I'm kidding!" She cried, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I look better in green anyways."

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