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Vanessa's jaw dropped when she walked into the restaurant. Not a single person was in the restaurant, asides from the hostess, a waiter, and the bartender. Tyler smiled, resting his hand on the small of her back. He had rented out the entire restaurant for her. The hostess lead them to their table. It was set beautifully. Tyler pulled her chair out for her, and tucked her in. She thanked him.

"Ty, this is amazing. Thank you." She reached across the table and squeezed his hand.

"Only the best for my girl." He smiled, picking up his menu.

They both read the menus quietly. They were custom made. There were no options, it was just all of Vanessa's favourites. She sat down the menu and growled at Tyler. He grinned behind his. She smack his menu, causing it to hit him in the mouth. He laughed, closing it and setting it down. The waiter brought them drinks. Vanessa's favourite margarita and a beer for Tyler. She shook her head at Tyler.

"Can we get our appetizers now, please?" He asked the waiter.

The waiter nodded, grabbed the menus and walked off. Tyler took a swig of his beer. Vanessa was just glaring at him. He was smiling away. He loved planning this. He loved doing things for her. He leaned back, letting out a long breath.

"So someone tells me you've been doubting my interest in you." He spoke.

She shrugged. "I just can't believe you actually like me enough to give up all the other girls." She explained.

"Well, believe it." He laughed. "I planned this whole thing on my own without help. All Addie and Paisley did was lie to you about coming out."

She gave him a small smile. "You're sweet. Thank you."

"But we will be going out with everyone after dinner. I hope you're okay with that." He made a face.

"Of course." She squeezed his hand.

The girls were doing their part at the club they would be at for the night. They had decorated the VIP section in streamers, balloons, and a banner that said 'Happy Birthday V!'. Jamie was amazed at home much work Addie seemed to put into all her loved ones gifts. Paisley helped out with the idea as well, he wasn't trying to belittle her work. But she was pretty out of it. Addie didn't mind doing work though.

"Hey, you okay?" Jamie asked, walking over to Paisley.

She growled as she dropped the banner she was trying to hang for the fifth time. "No! I'm not!" She yelled, pouting.

"I'll get this up. Go vent to Addie." He chuckled, taking it from her.

She smiled up at him. "You're a good man, Jamie Benn." She patted his shoulder as she walked over to Addie. "I need to talk to you."

"Yeah, what's up?" Addie said, still decorating.

Paisley looked back at Val and the other guys helping set up. They were all too close. "Privately."

Addie looked over at her. "Uh oh." She breathed as she stepped down from her small ladder. She led Paisley over to the bathroom areas. "What's wrong?"

"I really like Val but he's so young." Paisley groaned. "Vanessa thinks I'm being ridiculous but she understands if I'm upset about the age. I need to know your thoughts on the situation."

"You told Vanessa something before me?" Addie snapped.

"I went to your apartment to tell you, but you were at Jamie's." Paisley defended.

"Okay, fine." Addie waved off. "You need to forget about it. What's the saying? Half your age plus seven?"

"Addison! This is serious!" Paisley yelled.

"I'm being serious! If you like him, who fucking cares!" Addie threw her arms out, laughing.

Paisley shook her head before she stormed off. Addie followed behind. She was pleading for Paisley to relax but Paisley couldn't. She couldn't stand how little Addie looked into everything. This wasn't just a fuck it situation. This was her love life. She was worried. Paisley spun around to face Addie. They were right in front of all the guys.

"Sometimes, I cannot fucking believe how immature you can be." Paisley snapped.

"How am I being immature, Pais? This isn't that deep of a situation. You're overthinking it." Addie sighed.

"I overthink everything! I need you to see where I'm coming from for one! Just don't be so damn selfish!" Paisley hollered then walked off.

Addie sighed, spinning around. Jamie came over to her. "Jamie, just don't, okay?" She growled, brushing him off and going back to decorating.

He frowned at Addie before heading in the direction Paisley went. She was sitting outside the club, her head resting on the wall. She exhaled and leaned forward. He walked out, sitting down beside her. She looked over at him.

"What happened there?" He cocked a brow.

"I'm a joke." She sighed. "I'm freaking out about the age difference between Val and I."

"You mean the same age difference between Addie and I?" Jamie laughed.

"I mean, yeah, but you're older than her so it's not like you're the immature one." She explained, playing with her hands.

"I most definitely am the immature one." He laughed again. "Paisley, I get its scary because you've experienced so much more than him in just those three years, I really get it, but you can't let a little fear end something that could be great."

She let out a long breath. "Does being with Addie scare you?" She looked over at him.

"Terrifies me. That's the point." He stated. "Putting yourself out there is scary."

She nodded. "I didn't mean to yell at Addie. She's not selfish, she's just so sure of herself that she doesn't know how to deal with other's insecurity."

"I bet you she's not all that sure of herself, she can just see that you and Val are good together like the rest of us." He nudged her.

She smiled. "Thanks, Jamie. I can see why Addie likes you, you're a good guy."

He stood up, helping Paisley to her feet. "I try." He smirked as they walked back into the club.

Addie saw them walked in and walked over. "Paisley, I'm s,"

"No, I'm sorry." Paisley cut her off. "I was just stressing myself out and I took it out on you when I asked for your help."

Addie smiled and hugged her. "Don't be a pussy." She whispered before they separated.

Addie looked past Paisley at Jamie. Paisley looked over at him and smiled. She stepped around Addie and bumped her towards him. Addie stumbled but gathered herself and walked over to Jamie. He smiled a bit at her. She wrapped her arms around his waist when she reached him.

"I'm sorry. I just hate fighting with Paisley." She sighed.

His hands rubbed her upper arms. "It's okay. I talked to her."

"Thank you for that. It means a lot to me." She said before kissing him.

"Anything for my girl." He grinned at her.

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