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Addie and Tyler were both all smiles. As the month of January dragged on, their birthdays were at the end of it. Their friends has thrown them a joint-surprise party. They were perfectly okay with it. Growing up close, their parents always did parties together for them. This wasn't anything new. The only difference was the alcohol.

Jamie sipped on his drink. He watched as Addie smiles and hugged people that were at the party for her. She would talk a bit with them and laugh before excusing herself and moving onto the next person. She finally made her rounds and reached Paisley and Vanessa. She made a face at them before she started dancing with them.

"You know staring is weird, right?" Jordie said as he bumped into his little brother.

Jamie rolled his eyes. "I wasn't staring, I was watching." He corrected.

"I don't think there's a difference but whatever helps." Jordie chuckled. "Go over and dance with her!"

"I don't dance. You know that, Jordie." Jamie said sternly.

Jordie scoffed. "Just go stand behind her and let her grind her little heart out against you. Just rock with her a bit."

Jamie glared as his brother shoved him towards Addie. Jamie took a deep breath then finished his beer. He sat it down on a table and walked over to Addie. Her eyes lit up when she spotted him. They were at some country bar with Jerrod Niemann playing through the speakers. Addie reached out for Jamie, wrapping her arms around his neck. She was singing along.

"Everybody knows, it's gonna be one of those." She sang before she brought her lips to Jamie's.

He smiled as he kissed her. They danced together for a lot of the night. Addie convinced Jamie to square dance with her. Tyler finally dragged his friends to the bar so they could do shots.

"Here's to the good times with some good people!" Tyler hollered, lifting his shot glass.

Addie lifted hers, staring at Jamie. He was staring right back. They downed the shots while watching each other. Addie smiled, tilting her head towards the door. Jamie nodded. He set his shot glass on the bar. He said bye to Tyler, giving him a pat on the shoulder as he passed him. All of Jamie's teammates hoot and hollered as he walked over to Addie. She extended her hand to him. He shook his head at the guys as he walked beside her. She giggled.

They got a cab to their building. Jamie didn't let go of Addie's hand once. In the cab, she was against him the entire time. Her free hand was rubbing his inner thigh as she kissed along his neck. He was getting really turned on, and he wasn't sure if that was Addie's intention, or if she was just really intoxicated.

When the cab pulled up, Jamie handed the driver a hundred dollar bill and yanked Addie out of the car. She laughed at how quickly he was walking to the front door. He needed to get inside before someone noticed the problem occurring in his pants. Addie had noticed. She kept up with him. They were silent on the elevator. When they reached their floor, Jamie picked Addie up and ran down the hall to his room.

Once he unlocked the door, he kicked it shut and rushed to his room. He tossed Addie on the bed. She yanked off her shirt as he pulled off his jacket and loosened his tie. He hovered above her, bringing his lips to hers. She wrapped her legs around his thighs as he kissed down her next. He made sure to rub pelvic area against hers. She growled. She knew she couldn't do this.

"Jamie, wait," She panted. "We can't do this like this."

"I have condoms." He reassured her, kissing her neck again.

"No, I can't do this without a title." She explained. He pulled back to see her face. "I don't want to have sex with you if we don't have a title on our relationship."

"Do you want me to title it right now?" He asked, rolling off of her. He sat up. "Because I know what I want you to be."

"No, I'm not ready for a title." She sighed, sitting up. Her eyes were glossy. "I care about you and I want to be with you but I just don't know where my mind is."

Jamie nodded. He pulled her head towards him and kissed the top of it. "It's okay. I don't want to rush you into anything. I'm sorry if I've made you feel that way."

"You didn't." She smiled up at him. "But you know me not wanting to have sex doesn't rule out other things?" She smirked.

"Yeah?" He grinned. "Like what?"

"Why don't you sit back and I'll show you?" She teased, shoving him back on the bed.

Addie spent the night at Jamie's. He woke up early the next morning for a practice. He got ready quietly. He was upset. Sure, they had gotten intimate, but they didn't have sex. And he wasn't even upset about that, he was upset that she wasn't ready for a title. They had been together for months. It didn't make sense to him.

He walked into the arena and didn't say a word to anyone. Tyler and Jordie gave each other looks. Jamie sat in his stall and changed. He looked angry. Someone made a joke about Jamie leaving early with Addie the night before. He just glared and walked out of the change room. Tyler chased after him.

"Jame, what's up?" Tyler called as he approached Jamie.

Jamie took a deep breath. "Addie kept hinting she wanted to do it last night, just her looks and her actions, and then she wouldn't when we got to my place." He explained.

"What was her reason?" Tyler frowned.

"She wants a title before we have sex but she isn't ready for a title." Jamie huffed.

"You gotta respect that, man." Tyler shrugged.

"I absolutely do but I don't get why she isn't ready for a title." Jamie admitted.

"I don't either." Tyler sighed. "Did you get any action at all?"

Jamie nodded a bit. "She gave me head."

"Was it good?" Tyler grinned for his friend.

Jamie rolled his eyes. "Like you don't know."

Tyler's smile fell. "Come on."

"It was amazing." Jamie stated. "But I don't want to talk about this. Not with Addie, it's different with her."

Tyler nodded. Jamie put his helmet on and stepped out on the ice. Tyler shook his head. Poor Chubbs.

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