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Paisley made herself acquainted. She was chatting with a tall, broad shouldered, baby-faced kid and an orange haired man. The man was doing most of the talking. Well, out of the pair he was. Paisley was actually the one doing the most talking. Paisley and Addie were the same that way. They both never shut up. Addie came up beside Paisley with Tyler on her other side.

"Eaks, Val, this is my ex and good friend, Addie." Tyler introduced.

She shook hands with both of them. "I can see my best friend has already introduced herself." Addie teased Paisley.

"When a bunch of attractive guys walk in, I'm going to make myself known." Paisley stated.

Addie shook her head. But Paisley wasn't wrong. There was some whole cliche about how rich girls shouldn't introduce themselves but have themselves be approached. For what reason? Who exactly knew. All Addie knew was if she had followed such a rule, she wouldn't have met Tyler when she was six. Or any other guy she had talked to since then.

Tyler took Addie over to another group of guys. They all introduced themselves. She learned that their names were Jason, Trevor, and another Jason. She recognized the one to be Jason Spezza. She was a bit starstruck. Yeah, she was still able to get starstruck.

She spaced out and watched her best friend interact with a different pair of Stars. They had to be brothers. Both had broad shoulders and were tall. One had his hair gelled back and the other had a heavy beard. Both were attractive. Addie took time to look over Paisley. She didn't understand why her mom had freaked out earlier. Paisley looked amazing.

Paisley was gorgeous. On a normal day, her hair was pin straight, seeing as she was Asian. Her hair was also black, and she had some of the nicest eyebrows Addie had ever encountered, not that Addie didn't. She was shorter than Addie by four inches. She was curvy in the right ways. The dress and heels duo she had on was currently making her legs look longer than they really were.

Addie was white. As white as they come. She was English, Polish, and Italian on her mother's side. Not the Italian where they talked with their hands, although she did, and yelled a lot at family functions while eating pasta and making everything from scratch. That had kind of been calmed by the English side of her. That took over. She usually forgot she was Polish in the slightest. Her father was French and Irish. No accents. Just the pale skin to tell. She wasn't going into the percentages of what she was. She was, simply put, mayonnaise. Just white.

Asides from her pale skin, Addie had long, dark brown hair. Her eyes were brown as well. She had dimples and beauty marks across her face. The beauty marks were all across her body, truthfully. The hoop in her nose was the one thing that bothered her father more than anything else. She didn't care. It was a single piercing on her face. It could've been worse.

She was average height for a girl. About 5'6, and her body shape could only be described as athletic. She had muscular legs. Her calves were probably bigger than any of the athletes in this room. She was just as curvy as Paisley. Her body was well endowed as well. Her cleavage was always something out and about. And the curve of her ass was never ignored by any males.

She felt eyes on her and looked up. The gelled hair guy was looking her over. She took the liberty to do the same. Dressed well, everything fit right. Cute baby faced, big puppy dog eyes. That's when she realized they were staring at each other. She lifted the champagne glass she had acquired at some point to him with a nod. He did the same with whatever he was drinking. Hopefully not beer, she thought.

She turned to Tyler. "How long do you plan to stay here?" She questioned him.

"We're here until coach calls us back to the hotel." He explained.

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