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When Vanessa showed up in Dallas, she was definitely showing. She had all her things from Toronto being shipped to Dallas and she fast tracked to graduate before the end of first semester. She was taking her motherhood by the horns. She was doing this with or without Tyler. She showed up at Addie's apartment. Addie smiled, hugging her friend.

Addie helped her carry her things in. She noticed the baby bump but didn't say anything. They set Vanessa up in the spare bedroom. They laughed and caught up as they sat around the house. Vanessa felt bad, but she was waiting until she knew Tyler would be done practice. She was going over to talk to him. Maybe she needed to tell Addie first.

"Did I mention Paisley moved in with Val?" Addie spat.

"What? She's not across the hall?" Vanessa frowned. Addie shook her head. "That's so weird."

"She didn't even tell me, Ness. I just caught her moving shit." Addie frowned.

"Wow, I'm sorry. That sucks." Vanessa squeezed her knee. "I think I'm moving down here."

"What?" Addie gasped. "Really?"

"I fast tracked my semester so I graduated earlier than the end of first. I don't know where else I should be." Vanessa explained.

"Are you gonna tell Ty?" Addie asked.

"I'm just gonna show up with all my stuff when it gets here. I'll surprise him." Vanessa smiled.

In reality, her and Tyler hadn't spoken since she called him. She just hung around Addie's house until her things arrived. She packed up her rental car and drove to Tyler's apartment. She carried everything up to his door. She took a deep breath and knocked. She heard his dogs barking. She missed them. He opened the door, shirtless in his boxers. He froze when he saw Vanessa.


"If you loved me before, you still have to love me a bit now. And if you don't love me, at least love our child enough to help me." She said, her eyes watering.

His started watering as well. "I still do love you, Vanessa. I want nothing more than to be a part of our child's life."

They both broke into tears. Tyler pulled her into him. They stood like that for a minute. He pulled away and grabbed her face, pressing his lips to hers. He bent down and kissed her stomach after. She laughed a bit. He grabbed all her things, carrying them inside. He insisted she sat on the couch well he did it all. He finished, kicking the door shut. He sat next to her on the couch.

"Have you gone for anything yet? Ultrasounds?" He asked, rubbing her little baby bump.

"No, I figured I needed to move here first before doing that." She laughed.

"Move here?" His brows furrowed. "You're moving here?"

"That's why I brought everything I needed, Ty." She smirked, rubbing his face.

"You're living with me, right? Not Addie, or P,"

"Yes, with you." She beamed.

"Now we just have the task of telling everyone." He sighed, sitting back.

She snorted. "My parents are gonna lose their shit."

"Mine won't really care." Tyler shrugged. "We should probably let Uncle Val and Auntie Paisley know." He said to her stomach.

"And Uncle Jamie and Auntie Addie." She breathed.

He froze. "And his thirty other aunts and uncles." He teased. "We have the season opener tomorrow, we could do that?"

Vanessa nodded slowly. "I'll tell Addie and Paisley to meet us there."

The next day, Addie walked into the arena with Jamie's hand holding hers. She tensed a bit when she spotted Paisley and Val. They hadn't talked since she moved out. Paisley gave her a small smile. Addie ignored it. She was still upset. She was a child. That's why. Vanessa and Tyler were standing near the door to the ice. They were smiling while they talked over something. Vanessa was a cute shirt that didn't hide the bump well.

"Hey, lovebirds." Jamie called towards them. "You playing today, Seguin?"

Tyler nodded. "Give me a minute. I need to talk to your girls." He grinned at Val and Jamie.

Jamie squeezed Addie's butt as he kissed her. She smacked his chest. He just grinned and kissed her again. Val and Paisley kissed goodbye as well. The two walked over to the mutual friends. Neither said a word to each other. Vanessa took a deep breath and Tyler rubbed her neck. She smiled at her friends.

"So, uh,"

"We're expecting." Vanessa cut him off.

Neither girls had an immediate response. Addie already knew so she smiled and hugged them like she didn't. Paisley was cheering for them, she hugged both of them as well. She squeezed Vanessa and whispered a threat to Tyler.

"Are you gonna name it 'Bennguin'?" Paisley teased.

"Absolutely not."


Tyler and Vanessa said at the same time. Vanessa was for it. She giggled as Tyler pulled her into a light headlock. Paisley laughed along with them. Addie found it funny, but she wasn't about to laugh at Paisley's joke. She just gave a tight lipped smile.

"It's okay, there's always the Benn child." Paisley said, nudging Addie.

Tyler and Vanessa laughed. Addie just nodded her head. Tyler was called to the change room. He kissed Vanessa's mouth then her stomach. He went to run off and then froze. Vanessa furrowed her brows at him.

"After the game, let's tell the team." He beamed.

She nodded. "Whenever you want, baby." She smiled.

The three made their way up to the WAGs suite. Vanessa threw a jersey on to hide her bump. Paisley and Vanessa chatted about baby related things and Paisley's new living arrangement the entire trip up. Addie didn't say a word. She was happy for both of them, but her pride was too large for her to just get over it. She needed an apology from Paisley. One up to her impossible standards.

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