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Jamie laid in Addie's bed, watching her with an unamused expression. She was typing up a storm. She had two projects due at a minute to midnight and she was going to finish them. She looked over at Jamie. He pouted at her. She let out a long sigh. She hated that she was doing work when she actually had some time with Jamie. But she had to do it. It was her last year and then she wouldn't have anymore school work to do. Just actual things for work.

She was close to done and then she would cuddle up with him until he went home. She could see that she was nearing the end of her second protect. She took a deep breath as she went for the final push. She would just proofread and then send it. She would be done in the next ten minutes. She typed rapidly. She wanted to finish before it was really late and Jamie had to go.

She finished typing and pushed the home button. It scrolled to the top of the document. She began skimming through it, editing bits and pieces. She was scrolling as quickly as possible, while making sure she would still hang in quality work. Jamie's fingers were trailing up and down her spine. He gave her chills. She finished proofreading and pressed send. She spun around, smiling at him. She stood from her computer chair and laid next to him in her bed. He pressed his lips to hers, hovering above her.

"I'm so fucking mad!" Paisley's voice rang through Addie's apartment. She walked into Addie's room. Jamie and Addie both growled. "Oh, I didn't know you were here."

"It's okay." Jamie waved off. He started to stand. "You're upset about something so I'll let you talk with Addie." He smiled at Paisley.

Addie sighed as Jamie leaned down to kiss her. He pulled back and gave her a smile before pecking her lips again. "I'll FaceTime you later."

"Yeah. I'll be up." He smiled, waving as he walked out.

Paisley frowned. "I'm sorry. I didn't know he was over." She sat next to Addie.

"It's okay." Addie shrugged. "What's wrong?"

"Val is such a fucking," Paisley stopped herself, taking a deep breath. "He's such an idiot."

"What happened?" Addie sat up.

"He just doesn't talk to me. We have no communication between the two of us." Paisley ranted. "It's so frustrating!"

"So talk to him about that." Addie rolled her eyes.

"No. I don't want to talk to him ever. He's such a piss off." Paisley spat.

"Then leave him!" Addie flopped back onto her bed.

"No, I like him a lot." Paisley bit her lip. "And he's amazing in bed."

"Oh, I don't need to know that." Addie covered her face as she whined.

"Don't act like you and Jamie aren't wild in bed." Paisley shoved her friend. Addie gave her a look. "You haven't had sex with Jamie yet?" She gasped. "You've been seeing him longer than I've been seeing Val!"

"We're just both always busy." Addie groaned. "And I'm nervous to have sex with him. What if this is just some elaborate plan to help him and Tyler become closer by being Eskimo Brothers?" Paisley burst into laughter. "It's not funny, Paisley! I'm scared!"

"You can't actually think that Jamie's only interested in sleeping with you?" Paisley questioned. Addie pouted. "He's so into you. It's disgusting."

Addie rolled her eyes again. "I just don't want to rush anything. I don't feel like I ever really know him because we're both always so busy." She confessed. "Like if I'm not busy with school or work, he's busy with hockey. And if we aren't both busy, we're both too exhausted to leave our apartments. We're ridiculous."

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