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They got to some little restaurant. It didn't seem very busy. It was Italian. She chuckled. Jamie eyed her as he put the car into park. He clicked a button, locking her door. She rolled her eyes, turning to glare at him as he unclasped his buckle. He leaned forward, kissing her before he opened his door. He locked all the doors and walked over to Addie's. She was leaning over to undo her buckle as he opened her door with the key. He pulled it open and smiled at her. He extended a hand to her. She took it, and they walked into this restaurant together.

Jamie hovered behind Addie. He wrapped his arms around her waist while they waited for a hostess. He kept kissing the top of her head. She just looked around the restaurant. It was cute. It was a small, little, Italian joint. Jamie obviously liked Italian. It was Addie's favourite as well. She rested against him with a sigh. Her head was resting just on his chest. He was a bit taller than her. They weren't waiting long but Addie was hungry and tired.

"You're gonna love the food." He whispered to her.

"More than your ravioli?" She teased, looking up at him.

He nodded. "My mom's ravioli, but yes."

"Jamie!" A small, Italian man called as he walked over. "This your girlfriend? Very beautiful."

"I agree." Jamie beamed as Addie stood up straight.

"I have your special table set, right this way." The man chimed, guiding them to the table.

Jamie held Addie's hand the entire walk. It was a bit of a walk to get to a table. When they reached it, Addie understood why. Jamie had gotten them a table on the roof. They could see across Dallas. It was a small place, but it was set in such a perfect location. She looked at Jamie in shock. He just avoided eye contact with a smile on his face. He pulled out her chair. She sat and the two tucked her back in together. He sat across from her.

"What can I get you?" The man smiled.

"I'll have the chicken Alfredo." Jamie said, not even opening his menu. "With a bottle of red wine."

The man looked to Addie. She was glaring at Jamie over her menu. She read over it. "I'll have the penne with bolognese, please."

"Okay!" The man cheered, grabbing the menus. "Wine will be up shortly."

"You are the most ridiculous man I have ever met." She spat as soon as the man was out of sight.

"Yeah, but why this time?" Jamie smirked, drinking from his water glass.

"This view is incredible! This place is adorable! I can't believe how much thought you actually put into tonight." She breathed.

He reached out for her hand. He grabbed it, stroking it with his thumb. "I did this because you deserve it. A beautiful view for a beautiful girl."

"How many other girls have you used that line on?" She cocked a brow with a grin. "All the ones you brought here before?"

"I've only brought my mom here, Addie." He rolled his eyes. "You're special to me. I need you to believe that."

She nodded slowly. "You make me feel like I am, Jamie. I've never doubted it. I just like to bother you."

"You don't have to try to bother me." He shrugged, a smile slowly spreading across his face. "And I've barely dated any girls that I wanted to spend time with as much as I want to spend time with you."

The wine came shortly after that. They had two glasses and then out came their authentic Italian. Addie let out a soft moan. It was unbelievable. Jamie smiled as he ate his. Both were in euphoria with their food. They shared a bit but each went back to their own. Jamie told her a few stories about absolutely nothing, and she did the same. They were just comfortable around each other. As they finished eating, Jamie was reaching into his freakishly deep pockets.

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