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"One thing I definitely missed about this place," Addie announced as she stepped out of the airport. "How much warmer it is here than in Toronto."

Paisley nodded then set her bags down. "I'll go pick up my car." She exhaled as she crossed the street.

Addie checked her phone as she waited for Paisley to pick her car from where it was parked. Addie had suggested to just cab to the airport but Paisley had to be difficult. Addie sighed. She knew it would take forever for Paisley to get over to her car. And then it would take even longer for her to drive over. Addie took a seat on the curb.

She squinted up as a car pulled in front of her. It wasn't Paisley's car. Addie felt nervous. She slowly stood up. She tried to stare into the window, but they were tinted. The window began to roll down. Addie growled when she saw Tyler's big mouth grinning at her. He looked over his sunglasses at her from his driver's seat.

"What's going on?" He sang.

"Are you following me?" She crossed her arms.

"Uh, you were supposed to be home two days ago." He pointed out. "I was scheduled to come in today all along."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever. How'd your game go?" She leaned against his car.

"Lost five to two but I got a goal." He shrugged. "Jamie had a really bad three games."

"Yeah?" She challenged.

"He was a minus three." He frowned.

"Maybe you should take him out so he can forget about it." She suggested, seeing Paisley's car pull up.

"Maybe you should give him a call. That would help." He hummed.

"What?" She furrowed her brows.

"Nothing. What game do you want tickets to?" He changed the subject.

She narrowed her eyes at him. He was being sketchy. "What games are coming up?" She asked.

"Montreal's in town tomorrow." He suggested.

"Cool. Sounds like a plan." She nodded, picking up her bags.

"Hey, do you wanna do dinner after the game?" He called. He saw her face turn. "Not like a date!"

"Oh, thank god." She breathed.

"Not like a date. I meant like you and Paisley with some of the boys and I." He clarified.

"Okay, yeah. Definitely." She smiled. "See you tomorrow."

Tyler drove off. Addie shook her head. He was too much all the time, even when he was being nice. She tossed her things into Paisley trunk, as well as Paisley's. She climbed into the front seat. Paisley began driving. She was quiet for the first bit.

"Who was in the car?" She asked.

Addie knew that was coming. "Tyler. We're going to the game tomorrow and then out for dinner with some of the team."

"Is Val gonna be there?" Paisley chewed on her lip. Addie stared at her in confusion. "Tall, buff, and Russian."

"I would guess." Addie shrugged.

"Okay, cool." Paisley smiled a bit as her eyes stayed on the road.

"Paisley," Addie dragged out her name. "Do you like Val?"

Paisley shook her head. "He's just so hot." She sighed. "I might cry if he doesn't come and I have to settle for Ty."

"Tyler's cute." Addie argued.

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