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Paisley watched her friend in concern as she paced. Addie had barged into Paisley's apartment, threw her bag, threw Paisley her keys, and had paced in silence since. She wanted to question it but knew Addie could only stay quiet for so long. Addie took a deep breath and stopped. She turned to face Paisley. She moved her hand from her mouth.

"I did something." She spoke. "Something totally out of character for me."

"Yes, and that was?" Paisley questioned.

"I asked Jamie to hang out." Addie threw out her hands.

"What? When?" Paisley sat up, intrigued.

"He was getting off the elevator when I was getting on it. We started talking and then I just asked." Addie whined and dropped onto the couch. Her phone buzzed. She checked it. "He got my number from Tyler."

"Why was Jamie here?" Paisley backtracked.

"He lives in 1901." Addie said, sprawling out. "He was just staring at me with those puppy dog eyes and dimples and I just,"

"Jamie's cute though. This is good. What did he text you?" Paisley scooted over to look at the message.

Addie lifted her phone up. He told her who it was before he asked if she was busy tonight. She groaned. Paisley was grinning. Addie unlocked her phone. She added him as a contact and just stared at the message. She took a deep breath. She told him she wasn't and asked what he had in mind. He offered dinner at his place.

"This is moving too fast." She shook her head, locking her phone.

"What? He asked to make you dinner, not for your hand in marriage." Paisley laughed.

"That's next." Addie breathed.

"Oh, Addie." Paisley dragged out as she stood up. "Just give the guy a chance. He seems like an overall decent guy."

"I know! That's why I'm scared!" Addie cried, sitting up and hugging her knees into her chest. "I should stick to my type."

"No, you shouldn't. Change is good sometimes." Paisley smacked her knee. "If he agreed to hanging out with you when you look like this, imagine how he's gonna act when we get you dolled up."

"How dolled up?" Addie frowned.

"Nicely dolled up. Not, like, gala dolled up." Paisley clarified. "Come on." She yanked on Addie's wrist.

Addie slumped behind. She grabbed her bag as Paisley guided her across the hall. Addie took her bag into her bedroom while Paisley sat in the living room. She waved Addie's phone at her. Addie reached for it as she walked over. She unlocked it and took a deep breath as she looked over the message. She looked up at Paisley.

"What do I say?" She asked.

Paisley rolled her eyes. "Ask him what time you should be over."

Addie did as told. She walked into the washroom and locked the door. She waited for a reply, sitting on the side of her tub, naked. She decided to send Vanessa a text about it. Vanessa was her and Paisley's other best friend from Brampton. She was going to university in Toronto, her hopes set high on becoming a lawyer. She didn't have much free time outside of that. Addie's phone lit up. It was Vanessa calling.

"Hello?" Addie bit her lip.

"You asked a boy out?" Vanessa exclaimed.

"Uh, yeah. I'm going over to his apartment tonight." Addie told her. There was some banging and an 'ouch'. "Ness, you okay?"

"Yeah, I just spilled my drink on myself." Vanessa sighed. Typical. "I was so fucking shocked by you that I jumped up. Who is he?"

"Uh, he's Tyler's teammate. I guess they're pretty close. He lives next door to me and he's so cute." Addie rambled on.

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