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Addie woke up to a text from Jamie the next morning. He was asking her about what time she was planning to go to the arena. He told her he had to go earlier but her and Paisley could come with him and hang out with the team. She told him she'd talk to Paisley. She stretched and sat up in her bed. She was in a tank top and some loose fitting shorts. She put on a pair of sandals, locked her door behind her, and walked across the hall to Paisley's. She walked right in. Paisley was doing some homework at her kitchen table. Addie dropped onto the couch with a yawn.

"Jamie wants to know if you want to go to the arena early with him to hang out with the team." She explained.

"How early is early?" Paisley asked.

Addie shrugged, typing a response to Jamie. "I kinda want to so we don't have to pay for parking but I also want to take one of our own cars so we can leave when we want." She sighed.

"I agree with both but I don't think we'll want to leave at any point." Paisley turned on the chair towards her friend. "I also have to wear my glasses tonight. I won't be able to see the game if I don't."

"You look fine with your glasses." Addie huffed, sitting up. She saw Jamie had replied. "Jamie said around four thirty." She looked back at Paisley.

She was looking something up on her laptop. "What time is it now?" She said, writing something down.

"Eleven fourteen." Addie rolled onto her stomach.

"Tell him yeah." Paisley nodded. "I can get ready in that amount of time."

"I would hope so." Addie laughed, sitting up. "I'm gonna go shower and then go pick up a Dallas shirt or something. Do you want one?"

Paisley nodded. She got up and walked into her room. Addie typed out a reply to Jamie while she waited for her friend. She told him that they'd be ready and Jamie replied that he couldn't wait. She smiled a bit. Paisley came out of her room, rummaging through her wallet. She placed three hundred dollar bills in Addie's hand. Addie stared at the money in confusion before look at her friend with the same expression.

"First of all, why did you have three hundred dollars in cash just sitting in your wallet?" Addie shook her head as she tucked it into her wallet. "And second of all, why in the world would I need this much for a shirt?"

Paisley smiled. "I went to the bank this morning and took it out because I was going to ask you to go shopping for Dallas stuff with me today, but since you're offering to go, I won't come." She sang. "And I want a jersey, not a shirt."

"Really?" Addie growled. "Okay, Val I'm guessing?" Paisley nodded. "What even is his last name?"

"Something unpronounceable. Just look for number forty three." Paisley instructed before going back to her work.

Addie let out a longer growl as she walked to her front door. She threw it open and stepped into the hall. She struggled to get her key into her locked. She kicked her door as if it would help, stubbing her toe. She yanked the keys out and breathed deeply. She started smacking her head on her door repeatedly. A hand grabbed hers and then her keys. She looked over quickly. It was Jordie. Addie looked past him and saw Vernon Fiddler and Trevor Daley standing at Jamie's door.

"Need some help?" Jordie chuckled, taking her key from her.

He stuck the key in the lock. He wiggled it around a bit before it clicked. He turned the key then set it back straight. He pulled out the key and placed it in Addie's hand. He gestured for her to try the handle. She turned it and the door opened. She gave Jordie a smile. Trevor and Vernon laughed. She glared at them.

"Thanks, Jordie." She smiled at him.

"No problem. I'm always willing to help out my new sister-in-law." He smirked.

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