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Paisley was upset now too. Addie was her best friend and wouldn't even look at her. Addie was never quiet and she hadn't said a word since she showed up. Paisley was frowning over at her. The game was halfway into the first. She decided to suck it up and apologize. She sat next to addie. Addie let out a sigh.

"Addie, come on! I'm sorry, okay? I should've told you, but it just slipped my mind!" Paisley exclaimed. "Come by the house. Dex misses you. I miss you!"

Addie turned to Paisley with a frown. "I'm sorry for being a major bitch." She sighed. "I think I'm jealous." She confessed then turned back to the game.

"Of what?" Paisley furrowed her brows.

Addie let out a long growl. "Of you two!" She cried, referring to Paisley and Vanessa.

"What? I'm twenty three and pregnant, why are you jealous?" Vanessa laughed, walking over.

"I live with a dog and a Russian, and I understand my dog more." Paisley pointed out.

"Your relationships are taking huge leaps forward and then there's me and Jamie." Addie huffed. "We've been dating the longest and it's like whatever."


"I'm probably being a huge suck, but it just kinda sucks." She finished with a pout.

The Stars pulled out a three to one win. The girls went down to the change room. Addie wanted to see everyone's reactions when they found out Tyler was having a kid. Paisley offered to record it for Vanessa. Tyler came out and brought them in. He was all smiles. Vanessa was nervous. Addie went and sat next to Jordie. Jamie was off being interviewed.

"We have an announcement." Tyler declared, gaining his team's attention. "Ness and I are expecting." He lifted her jersey to show her bump.

Everyone started cheering. They all mauled Tyler. He laughed, covering Vanessa while the team drenched him in various beverages. Paisley was crying while recording. Val wiped her eyes for her. She smiled up at him. The team started hugging Vanessa. They were all suggesting names. Mostly their own. She just laughed and offered to take them into consideration. Addie smiled at the mess before going to her phone.

Jamie was walking back from his interview. He was nervous. He was about to do something big. He was stopped by a couple of fans. He took pictures and signed whatever for them. That didn't help to calm him down. He made it to the change room door. He let out a long breath. Now or never. He came into the change room. He didn't realize how fumbly he was. He was a mess.

Everyone was congratulating Vanessa and Tyler. He must've told them all about the baby. He smiled at the group before his eyes started to scan the change room. He saw his coaches and trainers celebrating with everyone. He spotted Paisley crying while she recorded the change room. What a wuss. His eyes came across his stall. Empty. It reached Jordie's and he spotted Addie. It was time. He cleared his throat. Everyone turned to him.

"I, uh, I don't mean to take the attention off the new Stars baby. I'm so happy for you two." He smiled at a smiling Tyler. "I just need to do something."

Addie watched Jamie. He grabbed something from his stall then walked into the centre of the change room. He lowered on to one knee. Her eyes widened. Was this really about to happen? He had the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face. She looked around the room. Paisley was crying even more. Vanessa was grinning alongside Tyler. Tyler was nodding his head rapidly. She saw Jordie with a small smile.

"Addie, I've known since that day you asked me to hang out that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you." He said, earning chuckles. "And I'm so thankful you asked me out because lord knows, I never would've had the balls to make the first move." He shook his head at himself. "What I'm getting to, clearly," He opened the ring box. "Ads, will you mar,"

Addie cut him off by tackling him, pressing her lips to his. "Absolutely." She said against his lips. He slid the ring on her finger. "Jamie, what the hell? How much was this?"

"It wasn't that much." He grinned, kissing her again."

"Fifty one thousand!" Jordie whispered.

Addie gasped before she shoved Jamie.

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