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Tyler was healed. And just in time to help the team before things for even worse. The Stars went on a six game losing streak. Jamie and Tyler hadn't talked since Tyler's injury. Jamie and Addie had been rocky too. They were spending time together again, but Addie knew he missed Tyler. So she had to meddle. That's why she was calling Tyler while Jamie showered.

"Hello, Addison!" He answered cheerfully.

"Happy to be back, eh?" She smiled.

"So happy." He sighed. "What's up? Why are you calling?"

"I need a favour." She took a deep breath.


"Could you maybe patch things up with Jamie?" She bit her lip. "I know you have your pride to take care of, but he's playing like shit. They're on a six game losing streak, Ty."

"Yeah, I'll try." He agreed. "But if he's a dick again, I'm gonna kick his ass."

She smiled. "Thank you, I love you. I'll see you tonight."

She hung up just as Jamie came out of the shower. She turned and smiled at him as he stood at the end of his bed with a towel around his waist. He cocked a brow at her. She walked over, wrapping her arms around him. He held onto her back. She had her chin resting on his chest, staring up at him.

"I just want you to know that you mean the world to me." She smiled.

He smiled before he leaned down to kiss her. Even though he had been acting like an asshole lately, he was really thankful for Addie. She stood by him the entire time. She was still by his side while the team was slowly falling apart. He appreciated it.

Paisley didn't appreciate being woken up by Val. But she could tell he had something important to tell her. He grabbed her hand and sat her on the couch. She just stared up at him while he paced. He was hiding a smile with his hands over his mouth. She furrowed her brows at him.

"Val, what is it?" She giggled at him.

"I'm back! I'm playing!" He exclaimed. "Well, I get to go with the team on the road trip so I'm guessing,"

"Oh my god!" She yelped, shooting up and kissing him. "I'm so happy for you!"

"Best birthday present ever." He exhaled, smiling.

"Right. You'll be gone on your birthday." She frowned.

"Hey," He held her face in his hands. "We can celebrate both of our birthdays when I get back."

"Promise?" She pouted, looking up at him.

"I promise." He hummed before he kissed her.

The team left later that day. Tyler and Jamie had patched things up. The team was already doing better, breaking their streak of losses. They had a win under their belt and were feeling a lot better.

"Hey, so I have a great idea." Paisley said as Addie ate. Addie gave her a look. "I was thinking we could, uh, go down to Florida to see the guys."

"Why is that a great idea?" Addie scoffed.

"Because you always get to see Jamie play! I've never seen Val set foot on the ice!" Paisley cried.

"Pais, do you really want to go?" Addie sighed.

"Yeah." Paisley frowned.

"Then we'll go. Just stop whining." Addie teased.

Packing was something Paisley and Addie were both terrible at. They didn't know how to pack wisely. They always over packed. But it was okay. They could manage. They left for Florida that night. The game was the next day so they didn't have much time to travel. They found a flight and left right away. Addie managed to get them a room in the same hotel as the team. Perks of being rich.

Addie made sure she and Paisley had good seats by going to her source. Jordie. He wouldn't tell Jamie or anyone that they were in Florida, and he would do the best he could to get the girls good seats. He did well. They were in the Stars suite. He must've just asked if they could sit in there. The girls sat in their seats and waited for the game to start.

Both jumped when the door swung open. Val was the culprit. Addie would normally make some smart comment about him being Russian, but it was clear he was very upset. He looked up at the two girls and his expression changed from anger to embarrassment. Paisley stood up and walked over to him. She excused them and pulled him out of the suite. They walked in silence for a bit.

"I've been working so hard." He breathed. "'You're doing great, Val! Just a couple more days!'" He mocked his trainers. "And then they let me travel and get my hopes up just to scratch me."

Paisley rubbed his back as her eyes watered. He let out a sigh and looked down at her and frowned. He wrapped his arms around her. She held on to his torso as she cried into his chest. He just kissed the top of her head while stroking her hair. She took a deep breath, looking up at him.

"I'm sorry. I just don't know how to help you and it makes me really sad." She explained.

He smiled a bit. "It's okay. Just being here for me is good enough."

"Did anything positive come out of tonight, though?" She asked.

"They said if I do some more conditioning in the AHL, then I'll be ready in no time." He frowned.

"Why are you sad? That's exciting!" She exclaimed.

"That's three hours away from you." He stated.

She pouted. "But you get to play. That's all that matters. We'll be fine." She promised him.

They finished talking and went back to the box. Addie squeezed Val's knee in a comforting way. He gave her a smile. They watched the game. It went to a shootout. Colton Sceviour was the third shooter, and made it past Ellis. Everyone in the box lost it. Addie ran down to the change room right away. She wanted to congratulate Jamie.

When Paisley and Val finally reached the change room area, Addie was hanging off of Jamie like a koala bear. He was holding her with a giant smile on his face. She kept kissing his cheek. He was so smiley. Val smiled at them before he looked down at Paisley. She was smiling at the couple in front of them as well. Val rubbed her shoulder, getting her to look up at him.

"They're so cute together." She hummed.

He nodded. "How would you feel about moving in with me?" He whispered into her ear.

She spun around to face him. "Are you serious?" He nodded with a smile. "I mean, yeah, but I can't until Addie and J,"

"How about we wait until closer to next season?" He suggested.

She nodded her head rapidly. "Yes, absolutely." She told him before she pushed onto her toes and kissed his lips.

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