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Jamie sat on his couch, flicking through the channels. His hand was in a bowl of popcorn. He couldn't find anything interesting on the TV. It was Christmas Eve, and he was spending it alone. Tyler had his family fly out to spend time with him. So Jamie didn't have him to drink with. Jordie was with Jess so that was out of the question as well. And Jamie was pretty sure Addie had gone home for her three days off. To wrap it all up, Jamie was alone. He had plans with the guys for tomorrow so he figured he'd just go to bed.

Jamie's eyes shot open when he heard banging from Addie's apartment. He sat quietly. Laughter was heard as well. He shot up. He threw his blankets off as he swung his feet to the floor. He stood up and walked over to his dresser. He grabbed his keys. Addie had given him a spare. He walked out his front door, locking it behind him. He opened her door and opened it.

The girls gasped. Jamie's face looked shocked. He thought there were people breaking into Addie's apartment, but it was just her, Vanessa, and Paisley. Addie's face changed from shock to excitement. She walked over to Jamie, wrapping her arms around his neck. He hugged her back, kissing the side of her face. She pulled him in by his shirt, closing the door behind him.

"I thought you were home for Christmas." He said as he sat on the couch.

She sat on his lap. "No, just a work party." She dragged out her words before she started kissing his neck. "I thought you were gone home."

"I don't have time to go home." He chuckled. "I thought someone was breaking into your house, that's why I came over."

"No, just us drunkies!" Vanessa cheered, sitting on the floor.

Paisley dropped down beside her. "Jamie, you are such a good guy. You're so good to Addison." She rambled on as she curled into a ball on the floor.

"She deserves it." He smiled, rubbing her thigh.

Addie smiled against his neck, burying her face against him. "I need to go to bed." She mumbled.

Jamie stood up, lifting her. He carried her like a baby to her bedroom. He set her on the bed gently. She held onto his neck, kissing him as he hovered above her. He smiled, giving her another kiss. He pulled away to go check on the other girls. They were sleeping on the floor. He couldn't just leave them there. He walked over, shaking them both lightly. Vanessa shot up.

"Paisley, do you want me to walk you home or are you going to stay here?" He asked, helping both girls to their feet.

"Pais, stay the night! We can cuddle!" Vanessa exclaimed.

Paisley nodded. Jamie took their hands and helped them to the guest room. He turned his back while they changed. He turned back when they were finished and pulled the comforter over both of them. They thanked him. He nodded, flicking off the light. He grabbed a water bottle for each of them out of the fridge, plus one for Addie. He could hear Addie calling his name. He stopped at her door.

"Give me one second, baby." He whispered to her.

She nodded. He left the bottles on the nightstand beside Paisley. She muttered something about Jamie being way nicer than Val. Vanessa said the same about Jamie with Tyler. He grinned as he closed their door. He didn't mind doing these things. Addie's friends were his friends, and he took care of his friends. And he also took care of his girl. He walked into her room and she was pouring at him.

"What's wrong?" He breathed, placing the water bottle next to her.

"Did you spend Christmas Eve alone?" She whined, reaching up for him.

He nodded, sitting beside her. "I thought you were in Brampton and all the boys were busy." He explained as she played with the back of his hair.

"I thought you were going back to Victoria and that's why we did gifts early." She told him. "I'm sorry. I would've spent it with you if I knew."

"We're spending it together now." He smiled at her.

"It's Christmas now!" She argued.

"Babe, it's only eleven." He laughed.

"Oh, that's embarrassing." She made a face. "We aren't lightweights! We started drinking at like," She counted on her fingers. "Three!"

"It's okay, just go to sleep." He shook his head, leaning down to kiss her. He pecked her lips slowly. "I'll come by tomorrow."

"No!" She grabbed his face. "Stay, please?"

He nodded with a smile. He stood up, walking around the bed. He laid down on the right side of the bed. She spun around, cuddling into him. He wrapped his arms around her. He laid there silently, rubbing her back. Her breathing steadied and he knew she was asleep. He was happy. She wanted him to stay. It was the first time either had stayed over at each other's houses. It was important to Jamie.

The next day, the girls spent Christmas with the boys from the team. It was sweet. The Stars were all really welcoming to them. Tyler and Vanessa gave each other really great gifts, as well as Paisley and Val. Everyone asked Jamie and Addie about their gifts. They bragged about them. Tyler was upset he didn't get a ticket to the game, Addie told him to buy his own.

For New Years, the girls, their boyfriends, and a few of the other guys with their partners, went to a really swanky party. Addie had no understanding of how to dress, until Jamie and Tyler showed up at her apartment, looking ridiculously dressed up. Addie noticed the bit of red Jamie had on, and decided to match him. Apparently, Tyler and Vanessa had already planned to match because she was well aware of the way they needed to dress. Paisley and Val met them in the hall, matching as well. They all looked good.

After New Years came Vanessa's birthday. Her birthday was the first in the year, but she was still the baby. She was born the year after Paisley and Addie, but her parents had bargained and got her in the year ahead. That's how they became friends. They protected Vanessa with everything they had. Asides from being the youngest, she was also the most innocent. She was the nicest and that caused her to be hurt the most. They wanted to keep her from that.

"Oh, Nessa!" Addie called, opening the bedroom door. Vanessa groaned. "Happy birthday!"

"Go away." She mumbled into her pillows as Addie sat next to her.

"Get up. We made you breakfast." Paisley rolled her eyes from the door.

Addie hugged her. "My little baby, all grown up." She frowned.

"I'm a year younger than you." Vanessa hissed.

"Still younger." Paisley taunted as the two got out of the bed.

The three sat together in the dining room as they ate. They talked about their plans for the night. Vanessa didn't really want to do much. Just go for a couple drinks and call it a night. The girls obliged, but that was definitely not all that was going to happen. Tyler had planned a huge night for the pair. Addie bit her lip as Vanessa told the girls she wanted a quiet night. She was terrible with secrets. Paisley kicked her under the table.

"I think we have a meeting today until like five." Paisley lied. "So we could meet you wherever after?"

"Sounds good." Vanessa nodded, chewing her food. "I'll get a ride with Ty."

Addie held back her smile. "Sounds perfect."

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